• Wed, Dec 19 2012

Christmas Is Fucking Sexist

Ladies, step away from the candy canes. We’ve listened to the conservative chanting to put the Christ back in Christmas for so long, we didn’t realize how chauvinist the holiday has become.
Between the infantilizing carols and the insipid Santa costumes, society has decked the hall with sexist peppermint-scented merriment. You think Jesus would approve of this “Santa Baby” shit? Here’s why Christmas is fucking sexist.

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  • Pine

    Actually the Nutcracker is a pretty awesome girl power story. Clara defeats the Mouse King all by herself and saves the Nutcracker Prince.

  • CMJ

    I’m pretty sure little boys sit on Santa’s lap too…

  • Shamos

    The mistletoe tradition must have been invented by a man? Congratulations to your man-hating self, your article is more sexist than Christmas.

  • Rae

    I really dislike this writer.

  • elise

    I don’t even LIKE Christmas, but my goodness, someone must have peed in this writer’s eggnog. Must have been a man, ya know, because they can aim and all.

  • anon

    God y’all need to calm the eff down. I’m pretty sure this entire post was a joke and a pretty subtle, well-pulled-off one at that.

    • Penny

      Touche. However the way the gloss seems to be trying to stir up feminist anger for no reason lately I had at least a tiny bit of reason to believe this was real.

  • April

    Yea, fairly certain this was joke guys. Someone must of peed in all YOUR eggnogs.

    • …her?

      That is an amazing comeback.

  • woo


  • Guest

    I like how you added Jesus.

  • Alexis Helen

    At first I was like “What?” but by slide three I was LOL’ing all over the place. Hilarious, thank you.

  • Penny

    Is this even a serious post?