Breaking News: Carrying Chili Powder Will Prevent Rape

This will stop rapes everywhere.

This will stop rapes everywhere.

Before we even get into this, can we do a collective eye roll. Done? Good. Now here goes.

A policeman in India, Commissioner KP Raghuvanshi, has figured out how to put a stop to all rapes. It’s very easy, ladies, so you should listen up.

First of all, you should never travel after dark. This is definitely good advice, although walking after dark shouldn’t be cause for rape. Sometimes women need to get places, and sometimes that happens to be after the sun goes down. Fact.

Secondly, and a measure that is definitely far more obvious (as in, you’re an idiot for not knowing this already), is carrying chili powder. That’s right. You look like you’re about to get raped, you just reach for your chili powder, hurl it at the potential rapist and voila! Rape averted.

Raghuvanshi came to this conclusion just after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student in Delhi this past Sunday. Basically, had this 23-year-old been packing chili powder, her gang rape (SIX MEN) wouldn’t have happened — or at least this is what one is to deduce from the “logic” of Raghuvanshi.

Naturally, this has caused an uproar among women’s rights activists groups in Delhi, as they pointed out exactly just how sexist, absurd and straight-up stupid this “solution” is.

The victim is still in critical condition, and apparently, according to sources, she and her male friend who was also assaulted laid “naked and covered in blood, for nearly an hour at the roadside where they had been dumped before police arrived. A crowd of around 50 people had gathered around them, officials later said, but no one offered any assistance. Police eventually had to fetch sheets from a nearby hotel to cover them.”

Are you fucking kidding me? But yeah, all this could have been avoided with some chili powder. Definitely. No question there. Fucking chili powder.

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    • Cee

      I have chili powder with a dash of lime. Will that help me?! WILL IT?!…WTF humans, really?!

      • Amanda Chatel

        OBVIOUSLY it will help.

    • lucygoosey74

      Wow. Brilliant. I have a better weapon. It’s mace that has a trigger like a gun and it shoots 2 canisters of spray at speeds of 90 mph up to 30ft! My dad is into weapons and survival gear and he always hooks me up with the coolest stuff. When I have to walk to my car at night I’ve got that baby in my hand with my finger on the trigger. Horrible things happen to women every second of the day, and I’ve been a victim myself. Never again. I vow to fight to the death.

      • Winston Blake

        A Chiappa Rino .357 works better…

    • nm

      You’re only blaming the stupid male in the situation but if you actually did some research you would see that there were many women giving this advice as well. Where of all places? At rape prevention seminars.

      • Winston Blake

        More women need to own a gun.