Lady Sports Fans Should Be Glitzy, More Glamorous Than They Are

So, this is what sophistication for a lady sports fan looks like... OK.

So, this is what sophistication for a lady sports fan looks like… OK.

Sick of rocking one of those awful mesh-like tops when you’re rooting for the Patriots? Or what about those ill-fitting Boston Red Sox T-shirts that were so clearly made for men-only? (Yes, I’m mentioning all New England teams for all obvious reasons.)

No fears you sports-loving ladies of the world, your time has come. Slater Zorn is here to save the day with their “loyalty meets luxury” brand of glitzy clothing. Did anyone really like those sweatpants with the Celtics logo on the hip? (Do they even make those?)

Created by Beth Wittig, who lives and breathes for the University of Kansas Jayhawks, decided it was time to take women’s sportswear in the direction of “sophistication.”

“Clothes are just another means to articulate our passions for the things we love and support,” Wittig explained in a press release. “Slater Zorn allows us to do so with that elegant and individual touch.”


The line of such class, elegance and sophistication includes capes, sweaters, hats, socks… you name it. And range from $25 to $650 — far more than you’d ever pay for some crummy Yankees T-shirt. Yes, I went there.

However, as one who doesn’t know much about sports, I’m confused. I don’t see any emblems on any of this gear nor do I see “Brady” scrawled across the back of any of the sweaters (that’s not fancy?), but apparently this is a color thing — kinda like how fans paint there faces in the colors of their teams? But this is in cashmere instead?

I know someone out there just lost their shit with excitement over this, and got one more person taken care of on their Christmas list.

Photo: Slater Zorn

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    • Cee

      Argh! Comment lost! What I was saying was that I just feel this is a rip off. Most team colors are basic colors or combination (grey/blue, blue/yellow, burgundy/gold). I own a team jersey, but my team’s colors are blue, grey and white so I usually forgo my jersey and wear regular clothing already in my wardrobe that are in my team’s colors. I think its ridiculous to pay $250 dollars for a team colored striped scarf, when you can find one for cheaper at any store. If they really wanted to stand apart (aside from overcharging for basic clothes) they could have created sweaters with the monogram of the team name in team colors in fancy shmancy fonts, made the mascots look cute in hipster glasses or..just something worth the money, you know?

    • JKlein

      I am so pleased with the garments we’ve received from Slater
      Zorn. Both my husband and I have been dedicated fans for years; every
      weekend donning purple and gold as we host and attend collegiate football
      games, tailgates and other affiliated events. We’ve ordered tunics, and
      sweaters, scarves, wrist-warmers (holiday gifts)and more, and are so excited
      that the brand has provided so many offerings in our team colors. The
      pieces are so rich and beautiful, I cannot say enough!