Oh God, The Embarrassment: I Am Irrationally Afraid Tomorrow Will Be The End Of The World


A couple days ago, Amanda wrote about the number 13 and how 2013 is not actually as horrifying of a prospect as we make it out to be. She is correct. Rational and correct. I am, however, irrational and totally one of those crazy people who feels that tomorrow might actually be the last day on earth.

First of all, let me point out that I do, indeed, know tomorrow will be fine. I do! I swear. I am 23 years old, god dammit, I know better. Don’t I?

Regardless, I can’t help but feel really, really terrified of how the world is supposed to turn out, in general. I have yet to feel secure about the state of the earth — at least, not since I was a young child, but even then I had a huge fear of tornados and volcanos — and I am afraid of the entire world ending in this ridiculous cloud of smoke. Voila! No more. Bam. Like throwing a spice in Emeril’s kitchen, something smacks us and we’re gone.

I’m more realistic than that, however, because I do believe we have enough sustainability issues and problems with the general human race that eventually, we just won’t be able to exist the way we do any longer. And I think that will happen in my lifetime, or my kids’ lifetimes. But! I still have this very silly, very irrational fear that everyone I love will someday evaporate or turn into a zombie or something equally “goodbye”-less.

I write this from New York City, right now, which is not my normal home, so I am 100% extra afraid. But at the same time, being quite terrified has made it so that I am a little bit softer this week. Logically, I know I’ll be seeing people next week or next month; nevertheless, I still am hugging a little tighter. I think I’ll be ordering creme brulee soon, sitting back, watching BBC’s End Day for a little while and taking a nap this afternoon to take my mind off of the fact that inside, my emotions are completely silly and about as valid as Warren Jeff’s.

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    • Fabel

      I think I am, too. I find myself wishing for tomorrow to be over already, so I can stop worrying that maybe it’s ACTUALLY going to be the apocalypse.

    • Maggie D

      According to one of the cool anti-apocalypse Nasa videos the Mayan calendar (which everyone is blaming for this) was actually more like an odometer, constantly rotating and sometimes hitting upon zero. Tomorrow would actually be the start of the year 13000 (there may be an extra zero there) which is the anniversary of the creation of the world according to the Maya. Tomorrow would be a day of celebration, not destruction…according to Nasa and archaeologists and anthropologists that study these sorts of things.