Kim Kardashian Is In The New Tyler Perry Movie

kim kardashian confessions of a marriage counselor tyler perry

Oh, God, it’s happened. The transformation is complete. Kim Kardashian has effectively parlayed being initially famous for a sex tape into being a movie star. And this isn’t a Paris Hilton The Hottie and the Nottie type situation, either. This is an actual movie by Tyler Perry called Confessions of a Marriage Counsler. And it looks kind of, well, good.

I mean, good for watching. It looks good for watching and being amused by, if you love movies about women being wooed by Zuckerberg types who look great with their shirts off. It doesn’t look “good” like “someone lost 75 pounds to play this role and they are going to win an Oscar” good.

In one scene, a rival asks Kim Kardashian if she can even breathe in her blouse, which feels, well, catty. I mean, obviously she can because she is alive. But, no, this doesn’t seem like a movie anyone went through a radical physical transformation for. There will be no Oscars for this.

I will still almost certainly watch it because I am charmed by ladies being wooed on jets. Although I hear that this is supposed to be another one of Tyler Perry’s meditations of the negative consequences of infidelity. But really, I just want to see a woman get wooed by a shirtless Zuckerberg on a jet. That’s all.

Here’s the trailer:

Will you go watch it? More importantly, will the fact that Kim Kardashian is in it have any bearing whatsoever on your decision to watch it?  Will you deliberately avoid it because it is a sign that Kim Kardashian may have just won the game called life?

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    • Fabel

      Kim Kardashian’s acting skills appear to be as undeveloped as Paris Hilton’s were, so I don’t think this will launch her movie career. (I’m judging without audio though, so perhaps I’m wrong!)

      • Jajaja

        its better without audio, trust me. Her voice, good gracious, her voice.

    • Lacee

      i’m pretty sure the main actress used to play Michelle’s friend on Full House…anyone?