Fuck 2013 Resolutions, Let’s Talk About Your 2012 Revelations



I am anti-New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I’m anti-resolutions in general because perfection doesn’t seek resolve; it seeks to be embraced and put on a high pedestal for all the world to admire! I do not need to work on myself; I only need to accept what is great and exemplify it.

I kid.

While most sites out there will inundate you with ideas of what resolutions you should be making for yourself – the ever-so popular “lose weight” one high in the ranks – here, at TheGloss, we don’t think that’s necessary. Why? Because we love you just as you are. (Somebody watched Bridget Jones’s Diary last night.)

Instead of going over all the things about ourselves we’d like to change or make better, why not focus on what we learned from 2012? You must have learned at least a thing or two. It was a dramatic year for most, even if you remove the election and tragedies from it, it seemed to be a year of more misses than hits. Of course, it’s the misses that teach us something about ourselves and the people around us, so why the hell would we really want it any other way? And with every lesson there’s a revelation and revelations make us better, more in-tune and ultimately a finer human being. You don’t need a resolution for that; you’re already packing a past of goodies as it is.

So this is the plan: we want YOUR revelations from 2012. What did you see or hear or do that changed you, defined you, or forced you to self-reflect? What moments from the past year – either personal or something you witnessed in someone else – affected you in such a way that you evolved as a person and might even be forever changed?

Here, I’ll start:

In 2012, I learned I can live a life without Swede, I can walk in 4-inch heels, without my friends to keep me in place, I’m nothing, I only like ham in a proper croque monsieur and I actually believe in love.

Ugh. That was painful, but it’s true.

We’re going to take all these revelations from you, our beloved readers, put them in a gallery, and share them on Monday, December 31st. This means that if you want to play, you better get your revelations to me by Sunday, December 30th. If you have a photo to go with your revelation, for example one of you deep in thought, then even better! Send that along, or I’ll be forced to choose one for you.

Every revelation we receive is going up, so get ready to bear your soul and maybe someone can learn a thing or two from you. Again, you only have until January 2nd to get these to me. So if you don’t have it memorized by now, here’s my email: chatel.amanda@gmail.com

UPDATE: We made the dates sooner, because we knew you couldn’t wait!

Photo: I Want This To Mean Something

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    • Cate

      In 2012 I learned that I can be happy no matter what else is going on in my life, that silence can be golden, but it can also destroy you, that I want to be a writer now, or when I grow up, or when I grow old, or always, that I should never, ever abandon good people, and that bad people usually can’t be salvaged.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Beautiful, Cate!

    • Ms. Pants

      I so so so so so want this to catch on everywhere!

      I’m working on mine (I always take a week or two to really think about it) but you’ll be hearing from me, trust!!

    • CMJ

      Bridget Jones’ Diary on Style Network has been my go-to this week. Also, I love this idea.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I just want to say that I love your correct spelling of “Jones’” — it drives me batshit that the book is written “Jones’s.” It looks so silly and I feel like I’m not allowed to change it!

      • CMJ

        You know, I think I noticed this once on Comcast and scoffed. Most likely because my last name actually IS Jones and my mother is an English teacher. From now on, you should use (sic) after the title in protest of the author’s grammar mistake.

      • Tania

        NOTE: Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second sadded in possessive form, it is preferred.

        Mr. Jones’s golf clubs
        Texas’s weather
        Ms. Straus’s daughter
        Jose Sanchez’s artwork
        Dr. Hastings’s appointment (name is Hastings)
        Mrs. Lees’s books (name is Lees)

        It’s totally the right way to spell it, since “Jones” isn’t a plural. I think it would look silly without the ‘S!

    • http://helloalle.com/ Alle

      This year I learned how much I can love. I adopted a dog who needed a lot of rehabilitation, and despite it being a VERY DIFFICULT process, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I love my Oliver so much, he filled a void in my heart that I didn’t even know was there.

      I also learned that the way I relate to men when it comes to relationships could stand some work. As it is I’m a very guarded person. My walls are hundreds of feet high, which makes me kind of hard to get to know. I never thought this stuff was a problem–it was keeping me from getting hurt, which is the entire point–until a guy friend started pursuing a girl who basically acts exactly the way that I do. Suddenly I saw this awesome dude, whose only problem was that he really liked this girl, get rebuffed and punished for it at every turn. I saw how confused he was and how upset it made him. It was pointless, and it was bullshit. And I realised, holy shit, THIS IS ME. This is what I do! There’s a dude texting me right this minute; I’m basically doing it NOW.

      So now I have to change. Protecting myself from getting hurt can no longer be my number one priority, because not only will it deter people from trying to get close to me, it’s not fair to them. There’s more than one way to mistreat someone, and I need to keep that in mind.

    • jacaline

      so I wasn’t the only person watching bridget jones last night? hahaha

    • Alexis Helen

      I learned that sometimes what seems to be a minor decision is actually a really important one. I also learned that nothing is worth more than self-respect, and that sometimes it’s not only important to ask for help, but really and truly for the best.

    • http://SommelierinSneakers.blogspot.com/ SomminSneakers

      Life is what you make it- literally. You don’t like something about your life? Let it go. You want more opportunity? Find it.

      And there is nothing better to be hated for than telling the truth.

    • Tiffany

      In 2012, I learned that I can never rely on a guy too much no matter what he may say to your face. I have learnt to control the things that I CAN control and to be happy. I have learnt who my real friends are and who was just using me. I learnt a painful lesson about love and that it isn’t as easy and clear cut as I originally thought.

    • ascholarsparrot

      In 2012 I learned that being in love doesn’t have to be a sudden “lightbulb” moment….sometimes it’s one of those energy-saving lightbulbs that takes a while to warm up. I also learned that it can be incredibly therapeutic to spend the day cooking, that it’s ok to break up with friends who are bad for you, and everything is less threatening after a good night’s sleep.

    • Rachel

      In 2012, I learned that–no matter how much you may love them– trying to fight someone else’s battles for them will solve nothing and leave you both with some ugly wounds.

    • Amanda Chatel

      I hope you guys know these are all going in the gallery… so if you want to include a photo of yourself, email me. If not, I’ll stock photo it, and it will likely be creepy. xo. chatel.amanda@gmail.com