Going To Be Late With Your Christmas Gift? At Least Be Original With It

Alison rocking one of her own pieces.

Alison rocking one of her own pieces.

I’m a huge Etsy fan. Once upon a time I made handbags, but unfortunately it was before Etsy, and this makes me sad. I could have been something! I could have pushed Kate Spade off her pedestal with my vegan handbags! Or I could have ended up exactly where I am.

As one who knows what it’s like to try to make a go of it with art, I always try to hit up Etsy when it comes to the holiday season and birthdays. There’s nothing like supporting small businesses, especially those steeped in passion.

This past week, Sam and I, while carousing, met Alison a bartender at one of my favorite bars in the East Village. On top of being a bartender, she has a shop on Etsy with these great feather hair accessories — she also sells them out of the bar. Sam and I each bought one (Sam’s hasn’t left her head in days), and I realized that an Etsy round-up of some of the best goodies for gifts this year was in order. Yes, it might be the 22nd of December, but as I said, if you’re going to be late with a present, at least be original in your gift choice.

Photo: Malice in Wonderland

For the home state lover:

Rose Kren makes these amazing necklaces that represent your state love. (Yes, that's me.) Etsy: Rose Kren

For the bag lover:

One of a kind made to order leather bags? Yes. Please. Now. Thank you. Etsy: TheMeanTambourine

For the kitsch lover:

Everyone has a friend who's obsessed with kitschy goods. Do them a favor and hit up this shop. Etsy: red pop shop

For the journal lover:

Have an aspiring Lena Dunham in your life? Great. Get her a journal. Etsy: TacaMaca

For the art lover:

There's no such thing as too much art. If you know someone with blank walls, you should really help them out. Etsy: Reconstructing Ideas

For the dog lover:

Even if their dog won't appreciate it, your favorite dog lover will. Etsy: mailo

For the maps lover:

For the budding topographer in your life... of course. Etsy: Alternate Histories

For the pin-up lover:

Seriously. There's nothing hotter than pin-ups and when it comes as a bobby -pin case, even better. Etsy: InGripsWeTrust
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    • MR

      I see you got a map that includes my neighborhood of origin. :) East Village, huh? Fillmore East was on 2nd (Bill Graham) Ave.

      • MR

        I only saw shows at the Bottom Line, but that was The Village.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Yep. Because I live there so I had to choose that one from all his other maps.