What To Do With All That Leftover Wrapping Paper (Besides Recycling It)

Be creative. Be very creative.

Be creative. Be very creative.

And all the gifts have been unwrapped and your living room is a sea of crinkled up Christmas wrapping paper. If you’re lucky, you have at least one or two relatives passed out in it, and you’ll be able to use the photo evidence against them later. Seriously — a 28-year-old asleep under a tree before noon? Nice job!

While in our house we just recycle all that wrapping paper (and immediately so, as the OCD in my dad gets the better of him and he needs to get it out of the room ASAP), my far more creative friends hang on to that shit well after Christmas and use it for a whole slew of other things; creative projects, if you will. Basically, some people have a really hard time letting go of the holiday season; for some, Christmas is 365 days a year.

If you’re one of the those who absolutely needs to do something with all that wrapping paper instead of just recycling it with the rest of the boxes and holiday cards from people you haven’t seen in a decade, here are a few ideas. Grab some scissors, glue and get ready to be creative!

Photo: Running with Spoons


Hello, holiday head! Grab a boring headband, and go to town on it with that old wrapping paper and some glue. Don't forget the bow!


You don't need a specific reason for confetti. Everyday should be confetti day, so slice up that wrapping paper and make every moment a party.


Can you do the origami thing? Great! Now get to work on ornaments for next year.

Decoupage -- ANYTHING

Vases, lamps or a whole damn wall -- the options are endless! Why do you think Mod Podge was created if not to make Christmas wrapping paper that much more fun?


A friend of mine swears by this: cut up the old wrapping paper, soak it in a scented oil of your choice, wrap it in a small piece of fabric and you have yourself a sachet that will keep your wardrobe smelling dreamy.

Packing paper

How psyched is your sister going to be when she gets her birthday gift in April and the packing paper is all Christmas wrapping paper? Super psyched.

Magnets, tacks, etc

From bottle cap magnets to thumbtacks, all you need is scissors, glue and a chunk of magnet for the back. Voila! Your Christmas gifts for next year are now done!
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