Gallery: The Top 10 Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2012 (NSFW)

Phoebe Price attends the "De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)" premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

It’s been a banner year for wardrobe malfunctions! From Phoebe Price‘s tryhard striving to Anne Hathaway‘s effortless oopsie, we have seen the genitals of many a celebrity who may or may not have intended us to. But which made the most relevant impact on us, as a culture? In an effort to help answer that question, I give you: the best and brightest wardrobe malfunctions of 2012.

Honorable Mention

Phoebe Price gets a pity spot on this list for being the only one actively trying to get on it. Photo: WENN


Okay, maybe Kris Jenner was trying to get on it, too. Photo: Kris Jenner


Remember when Lilo's boobs popped out during the filming of Liz and Dick? I thought I was watching Liz Taylor herself have a wardrobe malfunction. Photo: WENN


Elie Goulding's nips came out to say hi at the Les Mis premiere recently. Photo: WENN


I do not have access to the photo, but you know which one I'm talking about. (I am talking about Katy Perry's butt slip.) Photo: PCN


Jennifer Lopez reminded us all that she has nipples this year, and that we still want to see them. Photo: PCN


Even when his pants are falling down, Kanye West is still more stylish than Kim Kardashian. Photo: PCN


I had never heard of Adrienne Bailon before this happened (I think she's like a poor man's Ashley Tisdale?) but her wardrobe malfunction was truly horrific. Photo: WENN


Poor Anne Hathaway. Photo


Sofia Vergara places high on the list because of the good humored way she dealt with her butt slip. Jajajajaja! Photo


Does "failing to hide one's breasts from the French paparazzi" count as a wardrobe malfunction? Sure it does. Kate Middleton wins, because we were super dee duper times a million not supposed to see her boobs. But we did. Oh, how we did. Image
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