Victoria’s Secret Model Erin Heatherton Works Out Twice A Day, Says ‘You Shouldn’t Get Too Skinny’

Victoria's Secret angel Erin Heatherton diet and workout advice falls flat

We have a morbid love of models offering any sort of advice in the realms of beauty, fitness, diet and (especially) body image/self acceptance. These professionally beautiful men and women certainly struggle with all of those things, but their frequent insistence that “it’s all about confidence” and reliance on platitudes like “you just have to love yourself” sometimes feel remarkably un-self-aware. Who didn’t have a hearty chuckle when willowy supermodel Miranda Kerr announced she’d finally “embraced her curves”?

Today Erin Heatherton is our latest entry in tone deaf beauty advice from successful lingerie models. First, she tells the Daily Mail that eating is important:

“I’ve learned a lot about diet in my years of being an Angel. A mistake a lot of girls make is that they work out but don’t eat enough. If you’re not eating enough, all the work outs are doing, it’s not going to show. You could be doing a million butt lifts, but your butt is not going to get any bigger because there is nothing to build on. Your body needs food to make that happen.”

Great point, Erin! Cogent, even! But then it gets a little suspect…

“I work out twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I’ll start with half an hour of running and then some yoga to stretch everything out so everything is warm. In the evening I do butt lifts. It’s important to be fit, but you shouldn’t get too skinny. You need to have curves.”

Setting aside the very obvious problem of statements like, “You shouldn’t get too skinny,” (IE, you’re not pretty and womanly, naturally thin girls!), there’s a wonderful absurdity in telling people they shouldn’t look too extreme in one direction and in the same breath admitting you work out twice a day.

In any event, thank god for Photoshop!

(Daily Mail)

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    • iamthegreatcornholio

      This article is really cunty.

      • sugarunicorn

        So you express your displeasure with the article by… using gendered slurs? Those who live in glass houses, as they say…

      • kj

        Nah, it lacks the warmth and depth!

      • kj

        (No reference to cunty can occur without that pun being applied)

    • naturallythingirl

      I didn’t get “you’re not pretty and womanly, naturally thin girls” from what she said. Its not like she said “if you don’t have junk in the trunk, then you might as well just have a penis”. And whats wrong with an hour warm up in the morning and maybe 20 minutes of some booty lifts at night? Theres nothing wrong with going to bed with a nice toned ass. (I feel like I should embroider that on a pillow)

      • sugarunicorn

        The point is that having the extra time in your day to work out even once is a luxury. For someone working two jobs (or more), busy parents, single moms, it can be incredibly difficult to find an hour of free time, much less finding it twice a day. People who flippantly say ‘oh, just work out twice a day for an hour like me!’ are apparently very unaware that not everyone has that luxury.

      • Cee

        I know a girl who works full time and is in the rotation part of her nursing program, yet she works out more than an hour a day. The times the gym is more packed is in the early morning and in the evening, signifying that these people probably have a job and are foregoing something to be there. Part of it is circumstance, part of it is the drive to give up something or to find a way to work out whether at the gym or home. Unless your 24 hours are occupied or you are a single mother with no helping friend/family member or access to daycare, helping friend or mother to a child that does not sleep at all, you will find a way to work out or to invest time to do whatever drives you. She’s not saying she’s on a steady diet of caviar and champagne served on a gold plate, she is saying what she does with her time, you are just martyring a bunch of people to be outraged over something.

    • Jordan Blum

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    • Fabel

      I feel like maybe she’s thinking about models who’ve gone overboard with the exercise/caloric limitations to the point where there’s no body fat left on them at all. If you already have model proportions, that is a very severe look (not to mention, you know, achieving that involves some disordered habits).

      There’s definitely a tone-deafness to her words, but I think that’s^ why—she’s giving advice, she’s just alluding to why starving oneself is not a good look (while obviously not being prepared to speak more extensively on the subject).

      • Fabel

        *NOT giving advice, that is.

    • alexandra

      More and more I get the feeling with this girl that she doesn’t really think about or enjoy the part of her job where people ask her questions about The Industry. Recent years have seen things like the Model Alliance and Crystal Renn’s “Hungry” etc etc, but Erin Heatherton really kicks it old school: Look pretty, end of story. Maybe it’s a VS thing.

      You’d think they’d ask her to stop giving interviews, though. Especially to the Daily Mail. Christ.