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Hi Jen,

So my boyfriend basically dumped me after Thanksgiving, and I have spent a lot of the week reading your articles, like (off the top of my head) the one on breaking free from terrible situations, the one about the 3 romantic mistakes young women make, responding to disappointment with awesomeness, motivating yourself to be motivated, and of course the one on breakups.

Thus, I am channelling all this energy, while I’m numb, to starting a pet project! That will generate cash! And since you just wrote a column about business ideas, do you have any in your bazillion list that will only involve a blog to start it off? And where I can remain anonymous-y?Â

Here’s an idea I have — social media for busy rich people. They need blogs, twitter, etc to manage their brand. I like to think (I write better than this email! Promise!). I can set it up for them, edit their blog posts, write their posts, manage their social media for them.

Any others? I just need to do something or I might go crazy! And hopefully, that something will let me have some extra moolah, so that I can go on more dates! :)

- Plucky Young Person

I added links to the above letter, and made one correction, Plucky Young Person accidentally wrote “responding to awesomeness with disappointment” rather than “responding to disappointment with awesomeness” which I think really sums up the feeling of getting dumped.

So, PYP: I love that you’ve kind of answered a lot of your own question by looking up some Bullish columns and doing what they say! It’s very flattering, and I’m glad you have a plan! The thing PYP wrote about “channelling all this energy, while I’m numb, to starting a pet project after a break-up is, I think, a reference to this suggestion in Bullish Life: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do:

Grief can be helpful. It drowns out a lot of other things, like muscle soreness from really solid exercising, or boredom from monotonous forms of work. Go organize all the receipts for your taxes. Run. Take the cat to the vet. Do 500 calf raises. Make flashcards of French verb conjugations. Grief will numb you to the little trials and boredoms that bog down happy people.

Just do really productive, somewhat-boring things repetitively and stoically in order to improve your life, so that when you feel better, you’ll look around and say, “Holy shit, the sun is shining again and my job is amazing and I can do six pullups in a row and I speak French?”

So let’s talk about business ideas, which are a nice palate-cleanser after whatever happened with that dude.

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