Revelations: What We Learned In 2012 (Our Readers And Us, Too)

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    • Ms. Pants

      You are all awesome, Glossies! (Yes, it’s okay to slap me for calling you a Glossy.)

      This makes me very happy. Resolutions can be a set-up for failure. Revelations are always a 100% success-rate!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Agreed. Lots of loves to our ladies… and to you Ms. Pants for starting this trend. xo.

      • Alle


    • Lisa(r)

      Soooooo empowering! That’s sort of a corny word but BOY do I want to get empowered right now, and seeing these successes/realizations/haircuts is doing good things for me tonight. Thanks for writing and compiling, y’all!

    • Breezy

      Colleen- I am so sorry. I’m glad you have people who are supporting you right now, but I will keep a good thought for you. Hopefully 2013 will bring new opportunities for you and the hub :)

    • Melissa Yuan-Innes

      Amanda, I ended up writing a whole blog about my revelations. Thanks for making me think! Happy 2013, everyone.