Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Stupid — Try These Instead

I spent all week reading bad New Year’s resolutions on Facebook that bare a striking resemblance to last year’s fruitless causes. People of the internet, I beg you! Stop setting yourself up for failure. When life hands you a new year of lemons, map out a plan to effectively squeeze that sweet, sweet lemonade. Or just pay for someone else to do it.

Resolutions are usually stupid and hard to keep, but you made them anyway. So read on for some better ways to usher in 2013 without petering out on your promises by February.

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    • Valerie

      In the first sentence, it should be “bear” a striking resemblance, as in it carries (synonym for bear) a resemblance to something else. Not bare, as in it makes resemblances naked so people can see their swimsuit parts.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Thanks, Behar with us while we make the change.

    • Lauren Lever

      lol, I hope the lipo suggestion was in jest. My resolution for the past 12 years (yes I cannot ever come to terms with being in my third decade) has been to get to my fighting weight, which is like a 20 pound weight loss. This year I am going to go for something a little bit more pragmatic like putting makeup on everyday and hooping for 30 minutes a day. I may not be my ideal weight, but I can still look good and don’t have to be miserable, right?

    • Cheryl

      I don’t think the lipo or tummy tuck resolution is a good idea. A healthy, natural way to lose weight is better than a surgical alternative, even if it takes longer.