Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Stupid — Try These Instead

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    • Valerie

      In the first sentence, it should be “bear” a striking resemblance, as in it carries (synonym for bear) a resemblance to something else. Not bare, as in it makes resemblances naked so people can see their swimsuit parts.

      • Brandy Alexander

        Thanks, Behar with us while we make the change.

    • Lauren Lever

      lol, I hope the lipo suggestion was in jest. My resolution for the past 12 years (yes I cannot ever come to terms with being in my third decade) has been to get to my fighting weight, which is like a 20 pound weight loss. This year I am going to go for something a little bit more pragmatic like putting makeup on everyday and hooping for 30 minutes a day. I may not be my ideal weight, but I can still look good and don’t have to be miserable, right?

    • Cheryl

      I don’t think the lipo or tummy tuck resolution is a good idea. A healthy, natural way to lose weight is better than a surgical alternative, even if it takes longer.