Crystal Harris’ Pink Wedding Dress & Why Non-White Wedding Gowns Are Awesome

Crystal Harris

On New Year’s Eve, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner finally tied the knot after much ado about…well, quite a bit of stuff. But they’re married! Woo woo! Harris looked gorgeous in a pale pink mermaid dress, which she tweeted photos of. While I find it less fun than Anne Hathaway’s ethereal Valentino, I like it about 600 times more than Jessica Biel’s tissue paper thing; that said, I’m just excited for all the colored dresses running around this past year.

According to JustJared, “The bride wore a floor length strapless gown in soft pink, the groom wore a traditional black tuxedo. The ceremony was followed by a private reception where they toasted with champagne and cut the wedding cake.” The dress, designed by Romona Keeveza, featured a fishtail feather train, tons of flattering ruching and, naturally, a considerable amount of cleavage. Overall, I really like dress and think it was an excellent fit for her, in a prom-y sort of way (though I wouldn’t necessarily choose it for myself).

The pair was married at the Playboy mansion. Harris Instagrammed this photo of the ceremony, which is actually pretty adorable in a we-just-got-married-in-a-Vegas-chapel sort of way (even though they obviously were wed in a very sexy, very enormous abode):

crystal hugh

Pretty cute, right?

For the record, I myself am pretty excited about the fact that more and more women are not wearing white to their weddings. While it is traditional and can be very lovely, I think it’s both outdated and sexist in what it represents: the supposed importance of female purity. Now, I totally understand the significance of waiting until marriage for some people; I just wish it wasn’t frequently seen being more of a priority for women than men, and that our typical wedding garb is meant to represent the state of our hymens whereas men’s simply reminds us all that penguins really do have the best evening wear in nature.

Not that this matters because I’m not getting married anytime soon (nor am I even in the process of attempting a relationship with anyone besides the Milk Duds I’ve been eating for breakfast), but I plan on wearing something light blue or champagne-colored. I don’t look good in white, anyway, as I’m practically albino already and will likely blind attendees if I opt for anything too similar to my skin tone. My dream gown is somewhere between the Amsale Blue Sash Dress and Kate Hudson’s gold Versace, but who knows? Maybe I’ll stop having sex for a couple years and devote myself to the whole celibacy thing and then regret not being able to wear white! No, just kidding, that will never happen.

Anyway, I’m also excited about all these celebrities choosing non-white gowns because it means there will hopefully be more options made for women who do not wish to wear white on their big days, but still enjoy the sort of cuts that wedding dresses often have. Plus, it makes covering unions a whole lot more interesting from a fashion perspective.

Photos: Twitter & Instagram.

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    • Guest

      Um no that’s ugly. And I’m all for the pink/blush wedding dress too

    • CMJ

      I LOVE clothes, fashion, style, etc…but I HATE wedding dresses. Hate them. I don’t understand why they are so much money and still manage to look cheap as hell and they never fit properly. Every time I went into a bridal shop I got super anxious…so I am totally into the non-traditional stuff. I ended up finding a wedding dress at a Priscilla of Boston sample sale for $400 and it was my best fashion find ever. It had a collar, short sleeves, and had a faux wrap dress effect. It was also ivory (so not a color, but not white white). My shoes actually cost more than the dress.

      Also – can we stop with the strapless?!

      • Cee

        While I do think that there is an overabundance of strapless selection at bridal shops, I think that if a bride really wants to wear one, she has every right to do so.

      • CMJ

        I totally agree. We can’t stop them. But man, are there A TON of them.

    • Cee

      I went with white and princessy. I think its the only thing I may do “traditionally” since I may elope or just throw a shitload of lights in a backyard with a taco truck, a keg and lots of desserts. I LOVE dresses, so for me its about wearing something that doesn’t look like any other dress I own (I don’t have white princessy dresses in my closet) or like something that would make me look more like a guest or like I’m at a cocktail party. I want to be the princess!

    • Doni Fuhrman

      She looks like she is trying to get away from him…also, I feel the same way about wedding dresses as CMJ. Hate them. I ended up having a lady (Amanda Rose bridal) off Etsy make mine for $500 and included a matching bouquet. It was beautiful and everyone loved it. So the moral of the story is….I’m not sure, but just now there are alternatives to having to spend an assload at a bridal shop.

    • Pixie

      I’m definitely all for non-traditional dresses. I don’t look good in white either. I think I’d prefer something in a bright or dark colour, but still over the top and bride-y. And NOT strapless.

    • Broseph

      Actually the white color of most wedding dresses is eant to represent the couples wealth and the veil represents purity. The white has nothing to do with a woman’s tate of virginity, it is more of the fact that white garments aren’t worn a lot and often are ruined quickly that holds status. The early Victorian Era featured brides wearing pastels and light colors just as often as white.

      • Cate

        True! In fact, white wedding dresses weren’t even very popular until Queen Victoria wore one to marry Prince Albert and the whole country latched onto the trend because Queen Victoria was the Kate Middleton of the 1800s.
        Even after that, though, most brides just wore whatever their best dress was.