How I Spent My New Year’s Eve


It has recently come to my attention that I had a somewhat more ridiculous New Year’s Eve than anyone else here at The Gloss, with the possible exception of Ashley, whose activities have not yet been revealed to me. I have to save many of the details for another story I’m writing, but in case you are curious, here are some select tidbits I can share with you.

-Woke up on a pull-out couch at my friend’s house in New Orleans. Reminisced about the night before, when I had gotten into a fight with a jukebox for refusing to play anything but ’90s douche rock and had a brief freakout that everyone in a particular bar mural looked like my parents, who were not to see me partying. (I’d quickly gotten over it, made friends with some plants and realized they are just like us, in that they enjoy getting touched and somewhat damaged sometimes.)

UPDATE: There was also a painting that looked a creepy amount like my roommate and me. Here is a picture:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 4.08.24 PM

-Ate half of a mushroom chocolate and went to a gay country club, where I floated around topless in a heated pool and drank a mimosa while marveling at the sunset, the colored lights in the water, and the giant, building-sized projection of the news. Looked in the mirror and saw that the innocence had returned to my eyes.

-Still on mushrooms and with much assistance, cut a thrift store dress short to make it wearable by me. Applied glitter to face.

-Went to Wendys, where an altercation was taking place and it took approximately 20 minutes to receive a salad and a baked potato.

-Successfully made most of said foods go in my mouth instead of on the floor of my taxicab. (I’m lying.)

-Saw the Black Lips. Consumed MDMA. People kept telling me I looked like a princess. Me: “I FEEL like a princess!” A cartoon Disney princess, I clarified. New friendships formed.

-Got positive confirmation that at least several of my new friends were on the exact same drugs as me. Hooray!

-Tried to text boyfriend a photo version of a kiss, but it came out sort of grotesque. “That is my mouth,” I clarified.

-Drunk call from boyfriend. “I can’t hear you! I love you!” I yelled.

-Walked down Bourbon Street and got a “hand grenade” (pictured) which I could not drink because it was tasted like sugary lighter fluid, but which I enjoyed holding in my hand. It was very crowded and I felt very connected to everyone!

-Paused for a moment while some members of my ever-growing group did drugs in the car of a moderately well known hiphop group.

-Did some quick interviews with members of band(s), which were cut short because someone I was interviewing had to puke. I was starting to feel pretty tired, myself. Sat down for a bit. Came back to find my subject had left.

-Some people were having sex on the floor of the bathroom. “Don’t look at me!” I yelled at them as I sat down to pee.

-Texted with boyfriend. He told me he was going to crash my dress, shrewdly. Went back to hotel. Cuddled with pillow. Too tired to sneak into hot tub.

-Passed out at 7am in giant hotel bed, satisfied that I had really made this one count.

-Drank approximately two alcoholic beverages all night. Drinking is bad for you!


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    • Samantha_Escobar

      “Tried to text boyfriend a photo version of a kiss, but it came out sort of grotesque. “That is my mouth,” I clarified.”

      I lol’d.

    • Amanda Chatel

      You are the third person in as many days to mention the fun that is MDMA. I need to get on that.

      • jamiepeck

        I have never seen anyone have anything but a magical time on it. That said, if you are going to do it, take supplements and give yourself lots of time between uses to avoid burning holes in your brain.

      • ktree

        I tried it twice and both times I felt nothing and got a kidney infection. BOTH TIMES. I think that’s just me, though.

      • Fabel

        Ooh, can I be your fourth person in as many days? Get on that. (Responsibly!)

      • Amanda Chatel


    • MR

      I’m jealous. The only drug we consumed was legal. Crashed at her parent’s house a second time, I know not as sexy, but I’d like to believe they like me.

    • Nat

      I usually love the gloss, but glamorizing drugs isn’t cool. And taking drinks/drugs from strangers is really dangerous and is especially not cool. Be careful.

      • jamiepeck

        -Where did I say I took drugs or drinks from strangers? I did not.

        -Not all drugs are created equal…mushrooms are neither addictive nor harmful to the human body; alcohol is much worse for you. You do need to be a little careful with mdma, but I only do it once in a blue moon. FYI, the lethal dose of mdma is 20-40X the recreational dose and it has not been shown to cause any long term damage at the levels that I ingest it. That said, I would encourage anyone considering trying it to evaluate the information that’s out there and decide for themselves, as you would with any intoxicating substance.

    • milly

      I literally feel like I’m in love while on MDMA… that being said I’ve never been “in love” but that’s what I imagine it would feel like.

    • Rachel

      I smoked some pot on New Year’s (for the first time in a year or so) with some people whom I sometimes have trouble relating to. It was soooo much better than the times I try to ease our interactions with alcohol. Mostly because they don’t really drink, so then I feel drunk, tired, awkward, and gluttonous.
      But yes! Some delightfully strong marijuana made this the best New Year’s in recent memory. So I salute responsible drug use!

      Also, New Orleans is rad.

    • Maggie

      I want to be your friend!

      • jamiepeck

        That might be able to be arranged.