Formal Fridays Are A Trend, I Am Happy

formal fridays

I am happy, so happy! Men are going to wear some suits, maybe pocket squares, maybe bowler hats, or fedoras, I don’t even know. I still haven’t really forgiven Kennedy for killing hats. Between hats and the thing with Marilyn, he’s… well, I guess he did some good stuff with civil rights.

But we are getting away from ourselves. The WSJ reports:

The trappings of a nonconformist workplace were on display recently at the headquarters of a startup here named Pulse: There was the foosball table, the containers of free M&Ms, the bottle of whiskey on top of the fridge.

And the guys standing around in suits and ties.

It was Friday, after all, and to truly defy conformity at some tech outfits on that day of the week, one must not wear jeans or flip-flops.

Pulse employees were practicing “Formal Friday,” dressing in their Sunday best. “It is kind of flipped…because we’re super casual the entire week.”

Yes! I would prefer that all the days be formal days, but one day is better than no days!

Some guy learned how to tie a bow-tie! Using YouTube videos!

Last week, I had a discussion with some friends about the best way to tie and tie, and one man, I believe earnestly, said “gentlemen wear a half-windsor.” I liked that discussion to an extent that makes it impossible for me to pretend I’m not entirely superficial.

Maybe I will get to have more conversations like that in the future, and it will be so great.

I’m really excited that men are learning to tie bow ties with YouTube videos. I think that’s all.

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    • Sean

      Tie knots are entirely dependent on the tie. Thick-materialed ties can usually get a decent knot from a four-in-hand knot, but thin-materialed ties often require a full-windsor knot.

      We’ve been doing Formal Fridays for a while now, and “High Tea Fridays” have become an excuse for mega-formal. I have an Edwardian long-coated suit I wear for such special occasions (or weddings), and that normally calls for a four-in-hand knot and a vest.

      High Tea means you either go period or go home.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Where do you work (and do they have job openings, I have formal wear, will travel).

      • Sean

        I work for the government…this is just how we roll.

        (Well, not always, this is just how we inject some fun in the office.)

    • MR

      I plug in high where I’m at, and it’s expected. I only know good ties. Roll twice and pull the head through. My dad taught me even before I was serious in my career.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Half windsor? Or are you a four in hand kind of guy?

      • MR

        Nope, mine’s a lot more simple. It’s fast and it’s easy and looks good. The quality of the tie always defines its presence. I favor Savile Row.