The Most Annoying Things You Post On Instagram


…And by the “you” in this title, I mean “me,” because I am incredibly guilty of most of these offenses. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I tend to take a whole lot of photos. Part of this is because I have a terrible memory, but I admittedly just love taking photos of just about everything anyway. I’ve always loved taking too many photos, whether it’s been via disposable cameras or my DSLR that I suck at using. But now, having finally purchased an iPhone last August, I am officially one of “those people” who documents entirely too many events in her life.

That said. there are definitely some seriously annoying things that people do on Instagram that garner a whole lot of groans from anybody who’s following you. Obviously, we all sometimes post stupid shit on the Internet, but if you’re a repeat offender, perhaps you should step away from the filtering, collaging and lyric-adding apps for a little while and rethink your online presence.

So, if you have ever wondered why you have like 3 and a half Instagram followers (the half being one of those annoying spam bots), perhaps it is due to one or more of these rather irritating mobile e-crimes.

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    • at

      I think what pisses me off the most about Instagram is the community. I fired up an account last fall because I was thinking about starting an outfit-a-day kind of blog, but after looking at what people said and did to essentially every photo…it’s like some weird little cult where everybody tries to outdo one another with the Emojis? And the whole “liking” issue, where it doesn’t even mean anything anymore, it pretty much goes “oh you’re my friend and I’m browsing Insta so I guess I have to like it”. I dunno, it’s weird and creepy to me and that’s why I will never upload a single image.

    • Loonie

      It’s like refusing to go get the shot that you’re positive will turn the whole world into zombies…I’m glad I don’t have instagram

    • MR

      Yeah, my friend has this digital camera where he and his wife can take a photo of themselves with him holding it. But they are very private people. I like your Jean Luc photo. From ‘First Contact’?

    • haily

      You have just put everything I absolutely detest about humanity (youth in particular) into a slide show. I really LOVE photography, but ever since facebook became popular for teenagers (myspace doesn’t count, okay?) I almost wish digital photography was never invented. I especially agree with the thinspo. I’m technically addicted to it, and it’s literally the only thing keeping me from fully recovering from my life-destroying eating disorder. I wonder, though….about the last one, that is…as much as I wholeheartedly agree that the shirtless-self-shot-guys are to be perceived as vain and show-offy, there are so many girls who do the same thing (but in a bikini or lingerie), and it’s just as bad. Both are just indirectly asking for compliments on their attractiveness.