Ann Coulter Is Absolutely Ridiculous, Wants To Publish List Of Women Who Have Had Abortions

ann coulter

As every single one of us rational human beings knows, Ann Coulter is an absurd woman. Professional troll, taunter and overall terrible person, Coulter has never been especially popular around these parts. One of our excellent readers summed her up quite perfectly: “Ann Coulter is like a fifth grader who swears loudly on the bus to make all of the third graders think she’s cool.”

As a result, whenever I hear her name about to come on in the news, I just sort of expect that she’s about to spew the language equivalent of pink slime. Prepare the skillet, folks, because lo and behold: this assumption was correct.

While on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night, Coulter went on several different rants regarding the New York newspaper that recently published names and addresses of local gun permit holders. From mental illness to abortions, the New York Times to rent-controlled apartments, the extreme right’s favorite crazy lady holding an “END IS NIGH” sign managed to touch on an almost remarkable number of issues in an unremarkably irritating manner. But the best came when she related the gun control topic to abortion:

“Why can’t we get a record of women who have had abortions? They get money from Planned Parenthood; they get money from Medicare and Medicaid, much of these are tax subsidies. I think mothers might want to know what other women on the street might be willing to murder a child.”

First of all, not every person who has ever had an abortion gets assistance from Planned Parenthood, Medicare or Medicaid. Many, many women who have had the procedure done have paid via insurance or out-of-pocket. Second, Planned Parenthood doesn’t give people money, it gives them treatment. Third, why would other mothers want to know who’s had an abortion on their street? What are they going to do, have them arrested? Convert them to a different stance? Publicly shame them? (Actually, that last one is most likely option.)

Personally, I was not a fan of that newspaper publishing the addresses of gun owners. While I don’t have any desire to own a gun and I support stricter legislation, I think it’s wrong to publicly post the addresses of people who have likely done nothing to deserve such scrutiny. It’s not the same as a sex offender registry or revealing the addresses of those who have committed other crimes; it just seemed like a very misguided attempt at sensationalism. But in that line of thinking, if it’s wrong to publish the names of gun owners who have not done anything legally wrong, isn’t it wrong to suggest the publication of women who have had abortions?

Yes, I get that she was using this as a misguided analogy for her outrage against the publishing of gun permit holders, but it still makes me angry for two reasons:

  • Suggesting an idea along those lines, however facetiously, will always rile somebody up. Anti-abortion folks are extremely sensitive, even violent, regarding the issue and popping this idea into the mind of somebody who may be capable of achieving it is unwise, to say the least.
  • She’s comparing abortions to weaponry and murder. Obviously, most anti-abortionists will say this is somehow accurate, but if you’re reading The Gloss, you likely know that we hold a pretty pro-choice stance on the subject, and we certainly don’t equivocate abortion to violence.

As with most issues along these lines, I am sure there will be plenty of backlash against her comments (like so) as well as quite a bit of support regardless of the ridiculousness of what she’s said. In a way, though, I think Coulter is like Todd Akin in that her extreme views and statements are actually making it less appealing to support socially conservative ideals such as reducing reproductive rights and barring gay marriage from happening. The more preposterous her suggestions and statements, the less accepting sensible people will be of them — even those who are on the fence.

She also goes on to insult single mothers, insist that New York is “letting” the mentally ill walk and “defecate” in the streets of Manhattan, and somehow relate the subway pushing incident to, um, gun control. Now, while I could go on a whole spiel about how and why mental healthcare is shit in this country, as well as why the issue of homelessness has nothing to do with anybody “letting” people be homeless (because not having a house is like a permanent vacation, woo woo!), I think we can all just watch this video once, feel appalled, then hope the Internet will “defecate” it out of view where it belongs.

Photo: Fox News

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    • Elevator_from_Duh_Shining

      Ew. Ann Coulter is such a pube

    • CMJ

      Clearly, the woman isn’t smart enough to understand HIPPA. But why am I even surprised? She is vile.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I feel like having the general public be completely unsurprised by a person’s stupidity might clue her in on how absurd her career has been. Sad face.

      • Robert Hicks

        Ann continues to enjoy a stellar career as opposed to you and CMJ (above
        – as well as others here) whose CVs consists solely of writing bitter,
        whiny self-righteous droppings on blogs… and as is typical of you
        liberals (you cannot justify or and back up your disagreement logically)
        you always descend into ad hominem attacks/ (that means attacking the
        person in Latin for all you primary school dropous!

        I doubt you
        could even admit she was correct about the double standard – publish the
        contact information about law-abiding gun owners but you’d have a fit
        if your contact information was published on the ‘net for all the
        crazies and unbalanced lunatics to see…

      • Samantha_Escobar

        “Personally, I was not a fan of that newspaper publishing the addresses of gun owners. While I don’t have any desire to own a gun and I support stricter legislation, I think it’s wrong to publicly post the addresses of people who have likely done nothing to deserve such scrutiny.”

        You sure?

        (Side note: Ann Coulter is more than twice my age. I graduated college 6 months ago. If she didn’t have a better career than me, that’d be surprising.)


        Robert, you act like a pompous ass and also try to speak like one. You forgot some points in your points. I can tell you’ve never been in the military, because you don’t know what the 2nd Amendment is. You’re a hacker that doesn’t know anything about anyone. You think you do. Self righteous idiot. You put everyone in a group. That shows stupidity right there. “you liberals”. You think we are “all liberals”. You also think we are all high school drop outs? Condescending asshole! You have not studied the 2nd Amendment, that means dumb ass, you don’t belong to a militia do you? You’r e the whiny one in this write up. I notice you hide behind an egg picture. A stellar career, oh God help us all! Another Rush Blowbag! Hate sells! Bet Coulter just adores her life!

      • CMJ

        Robert – thank you so much for putting a value on my life and career based on a comment I made on an opinion piece! I had no idea who I was until you commented. I bet you have a ton of degrees and awards and graduated summa cum laude from every school you attended so I am lucky to have a person of your moral/educational/emotional magnitude having an opinion about little old me.

        Thank you for slumming it over here and god bless you.

      • hardstatic

        Before relegating another person to the short bus, you might first check yourself.

      • CMJ

        If you’re going to refute my understanding of health care law…link to the CFR. Not Wikipedia. And I didn’t relegate anyone to the short bus.

    • Alle


      • Breezy

        This made me laugh so hard I woke the dog up.

      • Alle

        That just made my day <3

    • If_you_ask_me

      So quit giving her any coverage. This just encourages.

    • Dillard Jenkins

      Well Ann you’ll never have to worry about that decision unless you can convince Rush Limbaugh to knock you up. I don’t think even Glenn Beck is that desperate.

      • Robert Hicks

        Rush is married, Dullard to a stacked golddigger so he’s not gonna look for something on the side. He’s very happily married. Ann is a proponent of abstinence before marriage.

        Oh look everyone – Dullard let loose with an ad hominem!

      • CMJ

        are ad homineming people for ad homineming while using an ad hominem?

      • scott

        Dude, i would do Ann right here, right now….your a putz!!!

    • Discernment

      Unfortunately, Samantha missed the sarcastic intent of Coulter… Which, now that I think about it was not surprising in the least. Myopic intellectualism reigns supreme…

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Unfortunately, you missed the word “facetiously.” Simply skimming articles and the excessive utilization of ellipses reign supreme…

      • Discernment

        Oh, I saw it… But you rambled on anyway… One word in this case doesn’t say it all…

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I am aware that there are people who have the complete opposite view, and they are 100% welcome to write their own articles on the subject! :)

      • Robert Hicks

        So we’re 100% welcome to write ther own articles on the subject? Oh thank you! I’m so glad you’re allowing us plebians to grace the blog by giving us you permission. Wow. I’m so impressed by your generosity of spirit! Who would have known that the blog czarette is condescending to permit Joe and Jane Average to write our own articles on the subject. Wow. I’m so overwhelmed! Thank you so very much for your largesse and noblesse oblige! Let the bells ring and the banners fly!

    • Edith

      I read somewhere that some ardent protesters at abortion clinics surreptitiously use their services and, when recovered, go right back to picketing. So I’m thinking this might be a good thing. Destigmatize it. Having an abortion is totally legal and is NOT bad or evil. I realize that in the nutty south and lots of rural areas it is considered murder, but I’m sure quite a few people in those areas have had one and maybe it would help destigmatize it.

    • Everythingsgreatnooneshappy

      I just watched the whole segment, about six minutes. I agree with her for the most part but I don’t think names of women who’ve had abortions should be published. That was rhetorical and an imperfect analogy. The research on concealed carry laws is pretty good and was a factor in the recent mall shooting where only two people died.

    • Topf

      Do a Google search of “Ann Coulter lies”! How this woman misrepresents facts is as they say, “outrageous”. I have done a lot of research on this woman. Not good!


      She has no idea what the word “Retard” is, if she did, she would stop using it, ….. I do hate that word.

      • scott g

        shut up you retard….or how bout fucktard


      But her hate and ignorant sayings sells books to her minions, and toadies!

    • brian

      I love Ann Coulter. I hate Liberals. Especially their God Hussein Obama.

      • CMJ

        Cool Story, Bro.

    • hollyhock522

      She’s totally appalling, and I hope most recognize this. But, as you say, giving any space to some of her wacked out notions anywhere is not great, someone, somewhere might think they’re viable and reasonable. good article, but I think you mean ‘equate’ rather than ‘equivocate’ (def: to avoid an issue) in your second bullet point ;-)

      avoid an issue