Now You Can Have Tampons And Chocolate Delivered Straight To Your Door (Because That’s What You Always Wanted)

o-LE-PARCEL-TAMPON-DELIVERY-570In yet another attempt to make us even lazier than we already are, a company called Le Parcel is now willing to delivery tampons to your door. For those of you who aren’t lazy but still live in fear of buying products necessary once a month for your period, this is also great for you.

You just get on the website, choose your brand and sit back and wait. Once a month you’ll get your delivery with not only your pads or tampons, but chocolate and a mystery gift, too. I’m not kidding. I’m totally serious when I say “mystery gift.” And all this can be yours for only $15 a month!

While I’m definitely a big fan of having anything delivered to my door, this just seems weird to me. It’s something about the chocolate and “mystery gift” that’s throwing me for a loop. It seems too stereotypical to suggest that we all need sweets and coddling during our menses. Or maybe I’m just crazy… which is probably more likely than anything else.

Would you sign up for such a service or are you able to make it to the store and buy your feminine hygiene products yourself?

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    • ZanBrody

      I am super ashamed to admit (because it feels sooo stereotyped) that if the “mystery gift” is a bubble bath, lotion, etc. I would probably enjoy receiving this. Or more like, if someone bought me a year of this..I wouldn’t complain.

      • ZanBrody

        Oh nevermind. Just looked at the site. “No more awkward stares at the checkout stand.” Fuck them.

      • Lisa

        Fuck them indeed. I think the thing that annoyed me the most about their website was the weird pink coloring and the font. And the fact that the creator of this company is female…I was almost expecting a guy to be in charge of it.

        I feel like this caters more to teens than anything. Because if you’ve had your period for awhile you’ve realized that 1) no one cares what you’re buying and 2) it’s not that difficult of a thing to do. Ye gods. What are we coming to?

    • Lo

      For that money, I could buy a tub of industrial-absorbency tampons and a brick of proper chocolate. Three Ferrero Rochers wouldn’t last five seconds.

    • tmgray

      Not for what they’re offering, but I would for the simple fact that once a month someone would send me chocolate and I could totally rationalize eating it…of course, I’d also need something to quell the pain of menses other than chocolate.

    • Kayla

      I hope the mystery gift is prescription painkillers.

    • dgih

      Talk all the shit you want on people who are embarrassed to buy tampons (commenters, not the article), but I’ve had my period for 9 years and I still hate it. I just think periods are gross on a fundamental, blood spewing out of your vagina level. I don’t need people to know I’m on it. OBVIOUSLY I have one, I don’t care that people know I have it…..because it’s a fact of life and being a woman. When I buy them I just go to a checkout counter with a girl, or self checkout. Plus, who wants to go to the store when they’re writhing in pain? I live alone. If I forget to re-stock tampons I have to get out of bed, leave my heating pad at home, and drive to the store to buy a box of chocolate and tampons. I would LOVE a monthly delivery.