Gallery: Movie Villains Claire Danes Resembles In The February Issue Of Elle


Claire Danes is a very pretty lady. Which is why I was so surprised to see her looking less like Claire Danes and more like various movie villains in the February issue of Elle. From her strange appearance on the cover to…her strange appearance in the photos, it would seem someone was hell-bent on thinking outside the box on this one. Let me show you what I mean.

The Cover

Totally looks like...

Little Alex from A Clockwork Orange

(Image via Rotten Tomatoes)

This photo

Totally looks like...

The Joker

R.I.P Heath Ledger (Image via Empire Online)

This next photo

Totally looks like...

Sarah Sanderson!

If someone had bitten off part of her nose, I mean. (Image via Pop Hangover)

This last photo...

Okay, you got me. This last photo looks like Claire Danes. RELATIVELY SPEAKING.

Photos: Elle via Styleite

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