Harlotry: Stripper Feet Are Gross–But Men Will Still Pay To Suck On Them


Stripper feet are gross.

Even the girls who get frequent pedicures in an effort to make their feet look less gross spend hours in shoes that are made of some form of plastic or vinyl. We combat this by spreading deodorant between our toes and dusting our shoes with foot powder, but at the end of the day it doesn’t do much more than change the odor of our feet from biohazardously awful to just regular old bad.

My feet are especially gross. The only pedicures I’ve ever gotten are at-home procedures that consist of little more than some half-hearted rubbing with a pumice stone, a soak in warm water, some toenail clipping, and a little nail polish. Actually going to a nail shop and paying someone to make the little piggies presentable seems pointless: my feet are a lost cause. To begin with, they are quite large and, though my arches are high, my feet look almost oblong when I am standing. The toenails of my little toes are barely existent and folded into the flesh of the knuckle, the toenails on my other toes curve upwards to the point where I have to cut them down to the quick if I expect to wear any but the sturdiest hosiery more than once. My big toes are both constantly battling slightly ingrown toenails, and I have ever-growing bunions from wearing high heels constantly and walking everywhere. I am, one would think, a foot fetishist’s worst nightmare.

Strip clubs–or at least the ones I’ve worked at–have a tendency to attract fetishists of all kinds, but especially foot fetishists. Why this is, I do not know. While it’s true that foot fetishes are hardly uncommon, a strip club doesn’t strike me as a good place to indulge that particular kink. While there are plenty of foot fetishists who actually prefer gross feet to all other feet, most of the men I encountered didn’t state any such preference.

I had been working at Heavenly Creatures for a week before I met my first foot guy, José.

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    • Rae Rae

      I worked at a club in which a guy would come in and pay something like $100 for one of the girls to stand on his nuts (with his clothes on) with their stilettos for a couple of minutes. I was never asked to do the honors.

      • Lacy

        Duuuuude! I never got the nut smashers either and I was always so disappointed! Though I did have a regular who enjoyed extremely hard nipple pinching. Still, I wanted a nut smasher :-(

    • Sean

      I think it makes sense that strip clubs attract foot fetishists…the dancers are always above them when performing on stage, and if you’re sitting in perv row, the dancer’s feet are right at eye level. Given that dancers are usually in very high heels, it’s practically foot-fetish heaven.

    • Kate

      Just discovered this blog and have been reading all of your posts all day. Thank you for sharing your candid, affecting, honest, and often funny experiences– I am not a sex worker myself, but consider myself an ally, and would buy any of your published work!

      • Cate

        You are so nice! Thank you for the compliments, as I consider this a HUGE compliment.

      • Valerie

        Same here! I love your perspective on the power dynamics especially. You’re thoughtful and intelligent without being pretentious, funny without undermining the serious bits. More, please!

    • Alan

      Just discovered this blog literally by typing in stripper feet and I really love your writing! I’m going to be brutally honest I’ve been the foot fetish guy at the club. No I’ve never offered to buy shoes or socks nor did I ever ask or think I was going to get anything more ie. a footjob out of the exchange. It was merely an outlet for someone who has this particular fetish. You see I’ve ultimately had a hard time trying to come to grips with my fetish. I see feet all day and spring and summer in some ways are a big tease for me. Fashionable heels, open toed shoes and foot jewlery and pedicures all on display! They are all hidden away and much like how a breast guy feels about a bra there’s something secretive and naughty about feet to me that I get some enjoyment out of secretly admiring and knowing I may never expierence it for myself. Being a single guy who can be shy and has anxities and insecurities otherwise doesn’t help with all of this. So my trips to the Strip Club when I’ve hoped to indulge in this have been interesting to say the least. I’ve been told by the women I’ve been with that I give a great foot massage which I consider a compliment (whether they mean it or not). Foot worship has been a mixed bag to say the least. You bring up very valid points in this article about the lack of cleanliness when it comes to stripper feet and as someone who likes things clean I sometimes ask myself what I got myself into. Granted a good majority of the feet I’ve been with at strip clubs haven’t been that bad. But there have been some that just smelled and tasted awful and I wondered just what it was that I was tasting and wondered if it was at all safe. The reactions I’ve gotten from worshipping feet have gone anywhere from either pretending to orgasm or “REALLY” liking it to looking up at the woman I’m with and seeing a blank almost weird emotionless reaction to what I’m doing. You would think after those expierences I would say that’s enough! I have a tight budget and live on my own and it’s not cheap! But every so often when I find myself alone like tonight I’ve pondered a trip down to my local club. Maybe i’ll have a pleasent conversation with someone I’ll mention my fetish and I’ll see if she has the exact pair of feet I’ve been looking for. And i’ll share in that moment of bliss and ultimately go home having indulged in my fetish but left feeling unsatisfied for what I just got myself into..

    • David Banner

      Maybe your feet just look gross. I love stripper’s feet. I’ve seen countless pretty feet and toes with strippers. Granted all of them are not like that, but I would say more have pretty feet than ugly ones. Typically the ones with ugly feet cover them up with stockings or socks.

      The Strip club is the perfect place to get feet. They sweat and stink so very good. For a Foot Fetishist this is about the only place that you can get feet without an issue. When I was younger, I used to get feet at my job, but when word gets around it is a disaster.

      Jose never thought you were a goddess. He was just running game like stripper do to guys. The room was to bait you in, then of course he was going to lower the rate. I would never do a champagne room for just feet, that is just plain stupid. Most all strippers would do it for a private dance. What stripper in their right mind would pass on a foot massage and have their feet kissed and they don’t have to dance?

    • Frank

      There is no such thing as a “foot fetish” as this is a deliberate misunderstanding that it perpetuated by the establishment for the purpose of covering up the medicinal & spiritual nature of the humble foot. A fetish is something that relates to a cold inanimate object… not to a live body part. Specialists call it “foot partialism” but that term too is quite inaccurate as foot admirers like the rest of the body as well. One thing you must understand is that there is a deliberate talking point that seeks to imply that noticing lower extremities is “abnormal”, while noticing breasts, legs, and bums are given a pass and seen in today’s society as normal. Though not too long ago, that too was frowned upon as well. A lot of folks are so confused as to why they like, or why anyone would like lower extremities and stop for an answer only at the erotic angle without considering that the erotic angle is only one ASPECT and is in fact only ancillary to the true purpose of foot allure. Most people are not ware that there are chakras at the soles which take up divine energy from the Earth & send back the used soul energy of the person via the Ley Lines of the Earth Energy Grid.

      The sole chakras are saturated with the unique soul energy of a given person and is the main reason why anyone would be drawn to the region. Most folks who are drawn to the foot were drawn to them long before puberty and in fact the reason why they later find them erotic is expressly because they noticed their esthetics prior. Another deliberate misunderstanding is that those who notice and admire lower extremities are “a minority” when in fact most people are simply conditioned to stay away from lower extremities due to the strong social opprobrium against foot admiration. The reason for this is because if people were allowed to touch soles free of societal opprobrium, we would have a healthier society due to the principles associated with the ancient healing art of reflexology which heals the whole body via reflex points along the soles. Even the curvature of the foot corresponds directly to the curvature of the body… the insole curve from toe to heel matches the curve of the body from head to rump / foot. [ the bottom of the heel has reflex points which correspond to the foot itself ] The lower portion of the foot corresponds to the lower portion of the body and the upper portion of the foot corresponds with the upper portion of the human vessel. Even the terminology we are forced to use is wrong as the foot is an incorrect term, but is just one letter off. The foot should have been called the root. A mountain and a building can have a foot [ as they are not living things ] but living things have a root.

      The human foot is in fact a root – as previously outlined in relation to its connection to the Earth Energy Grid via its sole chakras. I am convinced that the use of the inapporiate term is purposeful in order to prevent people from thinking in more holistic terms concerning their vessel roots. Just as the term “foot fetish” is entirely inappropriate and incorrect which is meant to defame and stigmatize the natural attraction to lower extremities which are radiating the soul energy of a given person. The reality that people are spiritual beings is one of those things that the establishment would rather you not be aware of. [ this is the main reason why they promote their macro evolution hypothesis ] The growing awareness of foot admiration is in fact a backlash against the long running suppression of the divine feminine or feminine divine [ both terms are used ] which people have been under for centuries now. Not only are foot rubs beneficial for health and increase circulation as well, they raise the vibration of the person receiving them. Which is yet another thing that the establishment would rather not have happen as they work to maintain people in a lower state of vibration.

      The following is a short but important article full of astute observations concerning foot admiration / worship entitled: The Spiritual Significance of the Female Foot and Man’s Obsession With
      Them. From author Sophie Kirkwood. Link:

      By Sophie Kirkwood

      How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O prince’s daughter! – Song of Solomon 7:1.

      Anyone who visits a live video model or ‘Cam Girl’ for the first time
      may be a little surprised at the kind of messages that pop-up, almost
      immediately, from other guests. In fact, within just a minute or so of
      entering her room, one is likely to have observed multiple requests to
      see the model’s feet, or even blatant references to foot worship.

      Now, we’re all aware of the term ‘foot fetish’, of course, but the sheer
      scale of male interest in female feet suggests that there’s something
      far more significant going on here. As part of my research I typed ‘foot
      fetish’ into Google recently and got over 44 million hits. The results
      also revealed a close association with femdom and the mistress/slave
      relationship. I then typed ‘goddess worship’ into YouTube, expecting
      videos of a spiritual nature, but also got numerous foot fetish results
      as well. So is this phenomenon really just about the aesthetics of
      female feet, and sexual desire, or does foot fetishism represent a far
      deeper and more spiritual yearning in men?

      The significance of feet and foot rituals in religion is common
      knowledge. Indeed, it’s a theme that runs through numerous scriptures,
      including the Bible. Hindus even believe that spiritual powers radiate
      from the feet of gurus, which they ritually wash and decorate. In terms
      of their symbology, feet are said to represent spiritual direction. So
      perhaps this is our first clue as to why so many men have an interest in
      female feet. Instinctively, they are simply wanting to return to their
      original and authentic spirituality, which in archaeological terms is
      Goddess worship.

      Needless to say, any modern expression of foot worship is likely to be a
      rather crude affair, because men don’t understand the significance of
      their feelings, or the symbology of the act itself. Certainly, the image
      of a man licking a black stiletto is not one that I’d wish to conjure
      in connection with modern-day Goddess

      In conclusion then, let us all be aware of the possibly deeper meaning
      of so-called foot fetishism. And if you’re a man who already understands
      something of the divine feminine, perhaps consider introducing your
      partner to more ritualistic activities concerning her feet. Show her the
      true depth and spiritual significance of your devotion.

      This article is found at: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/article/secret_society/the-spiritual-significance-of-female-feet-and-mans-obsession-with-them

      End of article.

      The truth about this topic is obscured by establishment based talking points / misdirection and distraction. A lot of people do not understand the feelings they have for lower extremities and uncritically accept the lies they are taught by an establishment with an anti-human agenda. Lower extremities can be esthetic / beautiful / elegant / seductive / expressive as well as erotic but are also powerful instruments of spiritual energy and soul vibration. Spiritual powers radiate from the soles and a massive amount of pheromones are found within foot / root sweat. Therefore it would have been more bizarre if people did not take notice of such a powerful force residing within the root system of the human vessel. Folks must learn to dig further.

    • Frank

      The points I made also explain why some would be drawn less attractive ones as well.