Shelved Dolls: Princess Grace – She Seduced Men By Getting Naked All The Time. It Didn’t Work Out.

I’m very, very reluctant to write about anyone who was an Old Hollywood movie star, and Grace Kelly may be the most Old Hollywood of all movie stars. This reluctance is largely because I feel that territory is covered so extremely well over at The Hairpin with Classic Scandals. BUT. I think the most interesting portion of Grace Kelly’s life might be less to do with her acting career, and more with the circumstances leading up to her marriage to Prince Rainier (the III) of Monaco.

Who I have always been disinclined to believe she really loved because, well, Prince Rainier was a roly-poly man and she was the most beautiful woman in the world. As you can see:

Grace Kelly

And then this is Prince Rainier of Monaco:

prince rainier of monaco

When telling her mother of her engagement Grace Kelly said, “He’s most attractive in every way . . . I think he’s very nice.” He certainly does look nice! But he’s still a bit of a roly-poly man compared to some of Grace’s former lovers. Incidentally, I am told not everyone knows what a roly-poly man is. This is a roly-poly man:

rolypoly man


So now you know.

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    • larissa

      this was a great one! Never knew Grace was so promiscuous, but you wrote it in a way where I don’t feel like she’s being judged. It just seems like she was just trying to find happiness in her own way. I dig it. Good job, as always.

    • katie richardson

      I think they considered Camilla unsuitable because she didn’t have the best pedigree.

      • Eileen

        That, too, but make no mistake, even given that she was the beautiful daughter of an earl, they called in a doctor to examine Lady Diana to ensure she was a virgin (never mind that that’s actually impossible to do with true accuracy).

      • Jennifer Wright

        Diana’s uncle also gave a statement to the press announcing that she was a “bona fide virgin.”

    • Eileen

      I never know quite what to think about Grace Kelly. She allegedly slept around a lot, BUT she was also a really famous movie star, and I always sort of think that once someone has a reputation for sleeping around, men start saying they’ve slept with her because what kind of man would they be if they hadn’t? (See also: That terrible Emma Stone movie)

      But I do think she probably loved her husband, and Monaco, because she gave up her career for them. Seriously, the only movies she got to make afterwards were tourism videos for visiting Monaco. And I think that if she hadn’t, Monaco would have figured it out and gotten pissed off (Monaco is a teeny-tiny country – anyone who lives there’s met the prince. Hell, my best friend’s met Prince Albert, and she only dated a man who lived there). Then again, she was a professional actress.

    • castallare

      Fuuuuuuck yeah, Cary Grant tops that mo’fuckin’ list. Holla. (I don’t know why that just happened.)

    • Candace

      Taylor Swift is a poormans Grace Kelly.

      • Jade

        Taylor Swift isn’t even comparable to Grace Kelly. Other than they are both female.

      • Karen Valdivia

        Amen. Taylor is just trying too hard to sell her “new millenium princess” image.

    • Cate

      I feel like Gary Cooper should be higher on this list, above William Holden, at least. Maybe even above JFK, simply because JFK did not treat ladies very well at all.
      Otherwise the list order is perfect.

    • Sabrina

      If I were Grace Kelly and had the opportunity to sleep with all of the men on that list AND be married to a prince? I would too. Cary Grant, hizzuh!

    • Reese

      i found this so fascinating. You did a fantastic job. I knew that Blair Waldorf is modeled after grace kelly a bit on gossip girl but as i read this i noticed so many similarities in the GG plot and Grace’s life. Its so funny how everyone was intent on helping her keep her scandals secret.

    • Margaux

      Miss Wright, I must say that this has been another cleverly-written article. I absolutely adore the shelved dolls articles and I hope to see more of it. I like Grace because I think that it was great that she got to sleep around and still be respected (or loved) by her husband. Who was also sleeping around a lot that time. The first liberated woman indeed.

    • Annie

      I love these “Shelved Dolls” articles, they’re so well-written and fascinating. Keep up the great work!

    • LBD

      If she was really that promiscuous and good in bed then why would he have needed to cheat on her. English in the parlor and French in the bedroom- isn’t that what all men want?

    • Mike Milazzo

      There are so many inconsistencies and embellishments in this piece…to address each one would be a moot attempt, as each of the sources named, are the authors of the more sensationalized accounts of the life of Princess Grace. Historical inaccuracies abound in each of those authors’ accounts
      Indeed, Cary Grant did not attend the wedding of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier – he was at Her funeral, but not Her wedding. Oh, and on the matter of that first meeting with Prince Rainier, where Miss Kelly was allegedly concerned with getting her hair done…sort of…there was an electrical workers strike in France that day in 1955, and there was no electricity…the references to Grace’s hair are embellished from the fact that she was unable to dry her hair at the Carlton Hotel, in Cannes…additionally, the only dress within her luggage that was not completely wrinkled, and would not need pressing, was the one she wore to meet the Prince – the much-talked-about concoction with the pink and green giant cabbage flowers all over it…and, not knowing whether she should wear a head covering to meet a prince of the Catholic Church, and because her hair was still damp, she formed a makeshift “cap” with some flowers…
      Those are but two of the events that came immediately into my head…if I re-read the article, ad nauseum, I’d better be able to recall the other inconsistencies, and set them straight. (Marlon Brando had no interest in Grace Kelly, and JFK was an old family friend, as the Kelly’s and the Kennedy’s were sometimes travelling in the same circles, although Grace’s family was refused access to the coveted Philadelphia Mainline, due to Jack Kelly’s working-with-his-hands.
      I find it ludicrous that a woman who epitomized the very essence of ‘lady’, down to the white gloves sitting in the office of Louis Mayer, that first time (and every time, thereafter) would have the complete indiscretion of removing her clothes in the homes of her dates…if I actually thought that no one would believe it, anyway, I might be able to laugh at the very ridiculous notion…unfortunately, some Midwestern woman in a housedress, eating chips outta the bag and watching the soaps all day, will take this kind of detritus as gospel.
      …and that would be too damned disrespectful to the memory of Her Serene Highness.