Awful Tea Party Person Takes Out His Frustration With Obama’s Tax Plan On His Waiter



Assuming this is real, it is awful. In a fit of anger at the low-paid workers of the world, some horrid Tea Party person decided to protest increased taxes on the rich by taking it out on the innocent, probably un-rich person who’d just waited on him. (For convenience’s sake, let’s say it was a man who did this.)

According to author Michael Kindt, said note was left “in lieu of a tip” at a restaurant, where I’m guessing he discovered it and took this photo. (I have sent a message to Mr. Kindt asking how he came upon it.) Did the server spit in this dude’s eye? Dump a drink in his lap? Mock his outfit? Not that we know of. He simply found himself so put upon by Proposition 30 (a California measure) and Obama’s attempts at raising taxes on the wealthy in general that he can no longer afford “discretionary spending and gratuities.” (He can still afford to eat at restaurants, apparently.) His point made, the “job creator” then disappeared back to his puppy meat sweatshop with a twirl of his mustache and a flash of his monocle.

Whether or not you agree that the wealthy should pay higher taxes (people earning above $250,000/year are the only ones significantly affected by California’s Proposition 30), I think we can all agree that this is one of the worst ways one could possibly express that. While I agree that tipping is a terrible way to pay the servers of the world, as it leaves them to the whims of clientele and forces customers to subsidize wages that the boss should be paying workers already, it is just a fact of life. It’s not something you do to be nice, or because you feel like it. It’s something you do because, barring willfully horrendous treatment, if you don’t do it, you’re an asshole. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. Unfair? Maybe. True? Yes.

This gets even worse when you realize this douchenozzle almost definitely paid good money to have these cards printed up. Plus, if someone makes over $250,000/year and can’t afford to tip servers…I’m not even going to finish that thought, because that is not a real thing.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photo: Michael Kindt

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    • MR

      Yeah, the Rich got off way too light. When Biden sat down with the Senate Minority, he gave away the store in his opening position. Only those households with annual income above $450,000 pay more taxes – the top 1%. Even on the Estate tax rate, Obama was too generous. But at least here – keeping the starting threshold at $5 million – he did acknowledge new wealth. Still FDR is turning in his grave.

      • johnn_avocado

        Well genius everyone that works is now paying more in taxes thanks to Obama so hows that working out for everyone??

      • Marissa

        Obama blame is so passe….The payroll tax holiday was exactly that…a bipartisan effort that mandated a “holiday” meant to stimulate the economy. So yes, FICA went up from 4.2% to 6.2% because….the economy is now stimulated with consecutive quarters of increased GDP and a lower unemployment rate. BTW, most people originally scoffed at the FICA tax holiday, as too little, too much, or useless, but it’s amazing that this suddenly is such a huge issue.

      • MR

        Yeah, as Marissa says the payroll tax was decreased only short term to stimulate the economy. The tax itself is dedicated to social security benefits that all receive back in their retirement years. Everybody knew it wasn’t a permanent tax reduction.

      • jag1182

        The tax itself is not dedicated to social security benefits – that’s why social security is always in future danger. The government keeps stealing the “trust fund” by putting it into the general revenue. It is just a huge Ponzi scheme.

      • MR

        I never said it was dedicated. But each middle or less-than-middle income worker will get back more than they paid in in payroll taxes when they retire. Yeah, for them it’s required savings. It’s not an outright tax.

      • jag1182

        Sorry, MR – here’s the relevant part of your post:

        MR • 2 days ago Yeah,
        as Marissa says the payroll tax was decreased only short term to
        stimulate the economy. The tax itself is dedicated to social security

        emphasis added.

        the obvious failing of your answer this morning lies in that,
        buttressed by the fact that you don’t appear to recognize the ultimate
        failing of a Ponzi scheme – that subsequent “investors” (use the term
        “saver” if you wish) are not paid from the investment plus earnings, but
        from the “investments” made by subsequent participants. Therefore, at
        some point the scheme fails, must fail, when there are not sufficient
        investors to keep it going.

        But Social Security taxes are supposed to be
        dedicated – that is why there is by law a Social Security Trust Fund.
        Unfortunately, the government (both successive Democrat and Republican
        administrations and congresses) have routinely embezzled the trust fund
        to finance their extravagant spending.

      • MR

        Clarification on your point then. The Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) is invested in government treasury bills. There is interest paid on these treasury bills (bonds) and the funds don’t go away. When these bonds are cashed in, the proceeds will pay social security benefits. So the SSTF “is” dedicated to pay social security benefits.

      • jag1182

        True enough – as long as our grandchildren are stupid enough to spend most of their income to support us in the extravagances we’ve committed them to support. Those T-notes are so devalued as to be essentially wastepaper.

      • MR

        You’re right, they are currently not keeping pace with inflation, but their interest rate will go up again when the unemployment rate drops to 6.5%. This based on Bernanke’s comments about when the Fed will start tightening monetary policy again. On a side note, the payroll tax is progressive. That’s what I meant when I said it’s not dedicated. Not all people get a proportional social security benefit, based on the amount they pay in.

      • jag1182

        And to set right your earlier comment – “each middle or less-than-middle income worker will get back more than they paid in in payroll taxes when they retire. Yeah, for them it’s required savings. It’s not an outright tax.” There you go again, MR, misleading our reading audience. Those who live long enough may get back more than they paid in. Many will not. Glad you concede it’s not an outright tax for those who do get it all back, and for those who get back more than they paid in, and is an outright tax for others. What is it really? The compelled purchase of a series of lottery tickets. But let me note, too, that most of the purchasers, who do get back as much as they put in, it will be in devalued dollars. It is a losing proposition for the producers in this country. And sooner or later the American people wiill wake up and say(quite fairly, IMHO) “Why should I have to pay these outrageous taxes to support a generation that chose to waste all its money?”

      • MR

        If the T-bills – which the SSTF is invested in – are earning an interest rate equal to rate of inflation than the funds are not devaluing. It’s demographic factors that are currently causing the problem, including increased life expectancy. The whole system is based on an actuarial calculation and it’s not exact. But it’s clearly not a Ponzi scheme. So be careful about making statements about who is misleading the reading audience.

    • JennyWren

      This is repellant. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and should feel free to sound off to interested parties about their political grievances, but this is pointless, spiteful posturing at the expense of someone who can’t choose to absent themselves from your power trip. Ugly, ugly stuff.

    • Nerdy Lucy

      If he meant what was on the card, referring to the cut-down in discretionary spending, he probably shouldn’t be eating at a restaurant where wait staff is required.
      I mean, you don’t stiff your server and not come off as an asshole.

      • Cherry Popper

        at this point I could really care less who I come off as an asshole to, especially if its a liberal

      • Winston Blake

        I generally tip well, but only if the food is good…

        And the idea that the government taxes tips for servers, bellmen, and others is disgusting to me… so, the less you tip, the less the government gets.

        more taxes = more police = more of a police state

        I never tip at the bar, the liquor is overpriced and overtaxed… mixed drinks are for cheap scums anyway (if you drink good booze, you don’t mix it).

        The idea that people expect gratuity is just another “entitlement mentality” of the idiot liberals.

      • Nerdy Lucy

        Yes, I’m sure you have so, so many more important things to worry about.

    • Kowalski

      At least the servers in CA are paid minimum wage instead of being in a tax credit state where they get $3/hour (Thank you, Herman Cain!)

    • Johnny_avocado

      And you know this person was a Tea-Party member based on what?? Silly liberals always jumping to conclusions…

      • Ella Marsh


      • useyourhead22

        Prove that it isnt. you cant, oh that means it is true then. just like your God.

    • FederalHillGOP

      This past weekend I started asking bartenders and waiters if they voted for Obama. If the answer is “yes” then I don’t leave a tip. I leave a note on the check for them to call Obama asking for the redistribution of my wealth. They chose to vote for Obama that increased my taxes (not just FICA) and reduce my take home pay. Also, if I learn that a business owner voted for Obama I will no longer patronize their business.

      • MaryKay

        Troll does not understand democracy, is an A-hole.

      • jag1182

        No, they do understand that democracy is – at this point, in this matter – tyranny by a majority. And the folks who voted for this stuff are responsible for what they voted for: robbery, armed (by the taxman’s gun). While the card presented in the article, if given to an innocent waiter, would be an abomination, it would be fair retribution if given to a waitperson who admitted having voted for Obama.

      • Steven Lopez

        You are a punk so what if a person voted for the black guy that’s not any of your business i log in to my Facebook page to show you that only punks hide behind a no show tag to let loose their hate don’t hide show your pride in hate and your face.We all got to pay a little more get over it and pay your share

      • Cherry Popper

        steven get over yourself it has nothing to do with color moron.
        As well i am paying more now so waiters and waitresses get less. It all rolls down hill stupid and you are going to learn the hard way

      • Dorothy Anderson

        Isn’t a ‘fair’ share where all able bodied contribute the same amount!

      • useyourhead22

        i guess you didnt pay tips ever because you are still paying lower taxes than anytime before 2003.

      • Dorothy Anderson

        I wish I could believe what you say is true but try adding in the numerous ‘small’ taxes added in by various levels of government. They are no longer ‘small’ and in California are almost 50% when Federal, State and all the other taxes like sales, property, gasoline etc., etc., are added in. Government IS out of control!

    • Craig Morgan

      how does this author know it was a tea party person? how does the author know it was a male? this could have easily been an unwed single mother that due to tax increases cant afford to tip anymore . who ever wrote the headline is an idiot.

      • Ash

        From a website that often complains about sexism too. Cute.

      • useyourhead22

        taxes didnt go up on unwed single poor mothers from prop 30 or from Obama

      • ian trent

        You are probably a student still suckling from your parents’ teats… wait until you see your Affordable Care Act taxes. Question for you… If you made $21,000 a year but spend $37,000..where do you think your problem lie? did if forget to mention that your credit card bill is $127,000… Now add 5 more zeroes to each of those numbers and that is what is happening now with the Federal Gov’t… Who do you think is going to pay that credit card debt? if you are young, that will be you!!

      • LogicRules

        …when you go to war, and have the biggest tax cut in history at the same time, you pay the bills for a long time after. Thats whats happening right now

      • Kris from Colorado
      • Red Wine

        Yes, they did, if the unwed single poor mother in your example has a job.

      • useyourhead22

        because women dont act this way. women support Obama by a huge majority.

      • Cherry Popper

        you are right, woman are just emotional voters and shouldn’t be allowed to vote

      • Gab

        You shouldn’t be allowed to breathe yet you do

      • Cherry Popper

        I know the truth hurts Gab

      • Michele From Ohio

        Right on! LMAO

      • LogicRules

        wow…the ship of fools obviously hasn’t sunk yet…in your case, lets hope it does soon.

    • Laughing

      First of all, this writer is a complete moron for assuming that whoever did this is part of the Tea Party (and for the record, I’m not either). You’re making blind accusations as a journalist, which is one of the worst problems that the media has today, only outdone by bias. Second, higher taxes only means a trickle down effect. Anybody with a brain knows that those who are business owners will continue to make their money, but instead of using excess funds for pay raises, hiring NEW employees and other benefits, they will now lessen the degree in which they spend on their employees to pay for the increase in taxes.

      Those “evil rich bastards” still maintain their pay grade while the only people hurt by this are those who voted in favor of this fake class-warfare crap.

      • emjay2013

        Excellent response.

      • contented1

        True, if this person was a Tea Partier, he probably wouldn’t be leaving a tip regardless of the circumstances. And a Tea Partier wouldn’t leave a card–maybe a tea bag.

      • jmokkonen

        Actually a TEA Party member would have left the tip…because we too are just plain working folks. I am sure I have done more back-breaking physical labor at minimum wage in one year, than you have in your lifetime. We are not the 1% that you have been so thoroughly brainwashed to believe. We just don’t think the government responsibly spends the taxes extracted from our hard earned pay.

      • Michele From Ohio

        Then why do you all hate on the poor? I’m underemployed and taxed out the yin-yang as well, but I don’t blame the poor and I don’t take sides with a bunch of knee jerk, right wing asshats.

      • Kris from Colorado

        Michele, I don’t know a single person on the right who hates the poor. We advocate economic policies that will help the poor – it’s the economic policies of the left that are keeping the poor impoverished. Think about it – they have a huge incentive to make sure that poor people stay that way, because they come along every election and promise to make it all better with other people’s money. And then it doesn’t happen, right? Because then they couldn’t use that again in the next election.

        If Republicans are all about rich people, don’t you think they’d want to make as many rich people as possible, in order to get more votes? The best way to do that is to allow people to be rich, instead of punishing them for being successful.

      • Dorothy Anderson

        Sounds like there are good reasons you are underemployed!

      • Red Wine

        What event causes you to claim that the TEA party “hate(s) on the poor”?

      • hdeddie59

        Why do you hate those that have taken responsibility for themselves and have worked hard to better themselves by being self employed or work in a skilled profession??? You have the same choices as them to quit working in a low paying job and get training or more education to better yourself and quit being a victim and playing the victim card, not a one of us told you that you had to work a job that pays very little and sorry but low skill level and equals low pay and because we made a decision that we would not stay in and work in these types of jobs and have made a certain level of success to make more income does not entitle you to what we have earned, sweated and worked to have and will not give up the fruits of OUR labors without a fight!!! How about you quit blaming others for your lack of success and taking responsibility for YOUR choices!!!

      • Claire


      • Claire

        Tea Party people do not hate the poor. MSNBC has been lying to you. They are the ones who say that. Tea Party people INCLUDE the poor, as well as the other two classes.

      • Claire

        You are absolutely right!

      • hdeddie59

        There is not anything that gives any indication of this person’s beliefs and you are a moron and an idiot to assume and make this accusation and have proven yourself to be one of that traitor’s useful idiots by buying into the us versus them propaganda and need to shut up till he needs you again and sit in the corner quietly swilling your liberal obozo koolaid unless you want to actually educate yourself and see what he is actually doing and what the consequences of his actions and agenda are going to result in!!!

      • useyourhead22

        there are no losses of “excess funds” for a business when you raise the personal tax rates. get a clue!

      • ian trent

        You obviously don’t own a business… when i lose income from personal taxes being paid… i pay myself more from my business, therefore leaving less in the company for other things. When you own a business you have a salary and depending on how the business does that year you can distribute the excess funds in many ways. I can give it out as a bonus to myself, if i’m benevolent i can distribute it in a profit sharing plan or i can use it to reinvest in the business. If i have bills to pay at home, and the gov’t took out a bigger chunk… which options do you think i will take?

      • Winston Blake

        Taxing a server’s tips is completely asinine.

        You are a cum drunk motherphucker.

      • hdeddie59

        You are a moron and most likely voted for that traitor illegally occupying the office he disgraces!!! If he takes money out of a business owners pocket the person has no choice but to make cuts elsewhere to meet his personal obligations!!! I would explain to you how taxes, SSI, obozocare and other increases takes money out of a business owners pockets but you have already made quite apparent you lack the intelligence to understand how to operate a business much less own one!!! All business owners tried to warn those that elected him that there would be consequences and when congress won’t stand up for those that elected them and let that traitor run rough shod over our rights, and illegally circumvent congress with his multitude of illegal executive orders and inhibit our ability to make a living with excessive over regulation and taxation this is our way of doing what is in our power to protest!!! Irregardless of his and those that support that traitor you are NOT entitled to what WE have worked for, built and earned and you are cutting off your own nose to spite your face by trying to take what is not yours!!! Makes me wonder if the wait person was wearing something that identifies them as a obozo supporter and this is his response to their choice!!!

      • LogicRules

        Top income earners haven’t had a tax rate increase in two decades…and your lecture on the benefits of trickle down is a page out to the 1991 Republican Convention playbook..old news!!!
        If anybody is keeping score, trickle down doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and will never work..

      • Claire
      • Winston Blake

        Tips are taxed…

        I don’t like that idea… I would tip even more if they didn’t tax a server’s tips…

        more taxes = more police = more of a police state

      • Winston Blake

        more taxes = more police = more of a police state

    • Jj

      It’s nice how you decide you know all about the person who left the note, it amazes me that you can make up a news story

      • useyourhead22

        its nice that you know the story is made up!

      • Gab

        Why are you defending someone who is clearly an asshole? Oh my bad, was that you who left the card?

    • Mark Peterson

      Where is the reference to the Tea Party? Was this an irresponsible assumption by the author?

    • shea wong

      The Open Letter to Mr.Jerkface has arrived!

    • Wayne E Day

      Speaking of douchnozzles, what grade-schooler DOESN’T know how to print up cards in a laser printer? Is it the same doucehnozzle who can tell the income and political party of someone by looking at a card?

    • Tommy Baloot

      Exacty- idiot writer doesn’t know if it’s a male of female, but for sure it was Tea Party.
      Total press moron, nothing new.

    • 123 be right

      very fitting… More people should do the same

    • john stephens

      HAHA This writer is clearly an obamaite who doesn’t seem to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. People who work hard and become successful have no intention of allowing obama take from them and give to parasites so as usual the middle class and working poor will suffer. obama’s welfare class and baby mamas will be given even more incentives to stay home and keep their parasitic hands extended

    • Its not right

      Trying to see this from both sides one thing can be said. It certainly WAS the spoiled fat cat greedy millionares that wrecked this countries economy . It wasnt the 9-5 middle class worker and it wasnt the single mom with 2 jobs. So why shouldnt they pay more taxes? and why should everyones taxes go up because some rich assholes gambling finally backfired?

      • Cherry Popper

        shhhh you are no american so you would never understand

      • ian trent

        Actually it was also the 9-5 middle class worker and single mom’s fault too. A Mortgage is debt, if they couldn’t afford the home, but bought because they thought they could sell the house later for a higher price, they too were the greedy ones… I’ve seen lots of really nice cars in meager homes because they did a refi not thinking that just because the home value was up at one point didn’t mean it couldn’t come down…. but yes the banks should have acted like the adult and not the child, like the greedy middle class that bought homes they couldn’t afford. But hey that’s what Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae wanted right, more home ownership…

      • Michele From Ohio

        Thank you.

    • swissriegel

      How do we know it is Tea Party member, could have been Sandra Fluke saving the tip money to buy more condoms.

    • Michael Mitchell

      What a tool. Tea party is the worst thing to happen in American politics, ever.

      • Cherry Popper

        I think its a great idea. Cant wait to do it myself

      • jag1182

        Sorry – that distinction belongs to semi-illiterate graduates of the modern American political indoctrination (education?) system, who don’t understand how a republic is supposed to work, or what a constitution is. Descriptions that don’t apply to most Tea Party members.

      • jag1182

        Sorry – that distinction belongs to semi-illiterate graduates of the modern American political indoctrination (education?) system, who don’t understand how a republic is supposed to work, or what a constitution is. Descriptions that don’t apply to most Tea Party members.

    • Cherry Popper

      actually I think it is the best way. Obama did all he could to enlist the help of the low class to get his cr@p passed as well as Jerry Brown, so I say this is exactly what they get.

      As a matter of fact I will recreate this note and make photocopies. Every where I go to eat I will leave one of these notes. Let these people get mad at the politicians for losing money.

    • BiPartisan_america

      It amazes me how gutless people can be. If you are going to take such a high and mighty stance at least tell the server to their face.

      I know, I am making this comment as an anonymous poster, but it is not affecting anyone’s living.

      • Cherry Popper

        exactly so shut the fvck up since you are posting anonymous

      • BiPartisan_america

        Oh and I noticed you’ve put your name out there, go back to your hole.

      • Cherry Popper

        im not the one talking smack about how people are gutless for doing something anonymously

    • Bob Smith


    • useyourhead22

      you know how it is obvious this came from a Tea Party member? Read the ignorant comments below by all of them.

      • Cherry Popper

        and thanks to people like you I will continue to do things like this. For every idiot like you that I see post or speak, I take it out on one more little person.

        Doesn’t hurt me any. I go back to my gated community every night, they go back to their studio apartments to eat mac and cheese for dinner again

      • Michele From Ohio

        Riiiiiight. *rolls eyes*

    • EddieSKeddie

      It’s all that “entitlement” Grover Norquist bred when he said the GOP would never raise taxes. But Grover is an idiot, and even Stockman agrees that trickle down economics was never supposed to last this long. So after 30+ years of low revenue, guess what?!?!?!?! GOPhers are so stupid.

    • Cherry Popper

      what I think is hilarious is that the liberals actually thought that this would have zero affect on them or the little people. Here is a little secret for you morons. The sh!t rolls down hill and the little man always takes the force of it.

      LOL I myself am loving it

      • jag1182

        I think you are only partly right. The average liberal voter actually thought this would have zero affect on them. The liberal/progressive elite – Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, Boehner – yes I include Boehner and McConnell, their primary job is to limit the effectiveness of any constitutionalists who actually get elected) and their cronies in congress, knew better. For them, that is the plan: tax those who are actualoly earning money, and tax them enough so they can’t become wealthy. None of these taxes that the liberal/progressives are proposing will affect Warren Buffett, the Kennedy’s, Fords, Morgans, Chases, etc. They are all designed to limit the number of people who can reach that exalted status. And all of you who are voting for the liberal/progressives are helping them establish themselves as the permanent upper class in America.

    • UnitedWeStand

      I’ve been doing the same. Less tips, cutting way back on my charitable giving. The country spoke loudly in November- Entitlement and Big Government not individual achievement. I’m tired of fighting, so I’ll now keep as much of what is mine as I can and let the Government worry about everyone else. The 30% less (well, not really as I shifted most of it to non-US charities and charities within the US that serve children only) that I gave might be missed, but I’m sure Mr. Socialism will see that they get 2X that in return. I tell everyone I know- if we are going to be like Europe, then lets be like them… STOP ALL CHARITABLE GIVING, tips and anything that is not mandated by government.

      • Cherry Popper

        I stopped giving to all charities as well. I am holding onto as much of MY money as I can. Screw the little people as far as I am concerned.

      • BiPartisan_america

        You should really change your screen name then…

      • Cherry Popper

        he stands united with the rest of us who think it is wrong to punish a small part of the population for the whole populations failed voting

    • NCballooner

      Where does it say it is a tea party person? Why are you labeling a person who did that as a tea party? Seems a bit biased.

    • lhathorn1

      Ask any waiter/waitress/server who the worst tippers are . I guarantee the answer will not be ” conservative white people”.

    • chundley

      The comments below on both sides are so virulent, so hateful, so repellent that it makes me question what being an American means anymore.

      • Cherry Popper

        well chundley we are supposed to feel bad for being american, so F everyone

    • Sad Canuck

      I’m startled at how hateful these comments are. At the end of the day, a man was stiffed for something over which he has no personal control in an insulting and degrading manner. The patron successfully hurt a minimum-wage employee – this is not some glorious crusade against Obama, whether or not you feel that to be necessary; this is pointless bullying. I hope most of you are trolling. If not I am sad.

      • jag1182

        Not startled at how hateful many of the comments are. Our “education system” has created a generation of political illiterates, and the liberal/progressives are using that to create a class warfare – and that has to become virulent, as those who oppose them and fight for freedom find our position becoming more tenuous, and as those who fall for the false promises of the liberal/progressives find themselves emboldened by their successful imposition of more and more tyranny…
        That said, I will repeat that this stiffing of the wait-person is pointless bullying, unless the wait-person was stupid enough to have acknowledged his support for Obama.

      • Cherry Popper

        hey Sad if you voted for obama cause he promised to raise taxes on the rich, STFU and take the medicine boy. This is going to happen a lot more boy.

        Maybe you should have learned that the sh!t rolls downhill

    • banger377

      It wasn’t a “Tea party person”. It was just another cheap freeloading liberal, using that as an excuse to assuage his conscience (if he has one, most libs don’t)..

    • Old White Man

      How does Jamie know this was left by a member of the Tea Party ? Again , she ” assumes ” something for her convenience because we all know we were put on earth to please Jamie . She also ” assumes ” this is a man — go ahead Jamie and say what you really mean ” an angry old white man ” is what you really meant wasn’ t it ?
      Jamie — you are pathetic . What you will find is that this illustrates what is actually going to happen when you rule by inciting class warfare and mindless sheep like jamie just jump on board and spew their drivel !

    • Frustrated

      I earn $55,800/year. I am far, far, far from the 1% Obama lied about targeting. Yet my take home dropped by 5.4% because of changes to the Federal tax rates this year. You, writer, and all who think Obama is targeting the rich, are idiots.

    • jayhoward

      This is the sort of thing you expect from Republicans. They are selfish and greedy and would sell their grandmother if there was a nickel to be made from it. You know what a Republican thinks is compassion — stepping OVER a homeless person instead of ON him.

      • demsaredelusional

        The difference between a conservative and a liberal: If a conservative see a person drowning 20ft out in lake he will throw him a 19 ft rope and if the person will go that other 1ft he will pull him in. The liberal will throw him a 50ft rope and as soon as he grabs it the liberal will let go of his end and go find someone else to help.

    • AZLibertarian99

      You all actually believe this is not a staged photo and a real card?

      The writer shows his bias and dishonesty in the headline with no information of his own about who the purported card-leaver might be. So the writer has abrogated all trust from the git-go Standard Alinsky discrediting strategy. I assume the writer is immensely Liberal (as evidenced by his writing).

      Anyone who would do that to a server is an ideological idiot, if true. What I do is give the server an extra large tip and tell them that, “You’ll probably need this as fewer people will be able to afford to eat out soon.”

    • billrich2

      This is a CLASSIC example of the liberal agenda. Whoever this Jamie Peck is, OBVIOUSLY not a regarded journalist, she is nothing more than a liberal stooge. The assumptions that this “journalist” makes is astonishing. She has a picture of this note and she spins it to say that this was left by an angry white MALE tea party member. What a joke! Liberals couldn’t exist if it weren’t for lies and deceit. For all she knows, Nancy Pelosi paid a Hispanic female server with six kids and no car $200.00 to leave that on a table for effect.

    • ax49

      This publication is trash of course… and this Jamie Beck character has no idea how to right an objective story… oh well that’s just how it goes nowadays. Please push your extreme leftist views elsewhere

    • Michele From Ohio

      What a jackass. This is just like those good ‘Christians’ who leave the fake dollar bills with the Bible quotations instead of a tip. Like getting stiffed is gonna make you want to devote your life to Jesus, ffs.

    • LogicRules

      Typical tea party hypocrite…no wonder the astro-turf roots facade of an organization is sputtering

    • Leonard Henry

      Do you KNOW that the person belongs to the Tea Party or are you simply gratuitously slapping a group you don’t like?

    • Captain America

      Hey Jamie Peckerhead, it was your Momma that left this note. You sure do assume all that is convenient for your biased pea brained mentality. Find another line of work, loser.

    • harkin

      This article is one big fail. It’s the entitlement-takers that aren’t giving. The Makers (many of them Tea Partiers) are the ones giving but asking the govt to reign in spending as much as the public has been forced to do. The problem is Saint Spendatrillion (O’Blame’O) needs to keep buying support from the takers……can’t go on forever which is why California is leading the way and showing the nation how to implode.
      And LOL at “paid good money to have these cards printed up” – ever owned a printer? Probably just another govt worker with no concept of prices or waste.

    • Dick

      And we all know this was left by a Tea Party Member How? Sounds like something a Demo is more likely to do. Tell the lower paid workers you’re helping them with one hand while ripping them off with the other.

    • Dick

      And we all know this was left by a Tea Party Member How? Sounds like something a Demo is more likely to do. Tell the lower paid workers you’re helping them with one hand while ripping them off with the other.

    • Dorothy Anderson

      If I did not know differently reading much of today’s liberal media I would believe ‘all whites are racists’ ‘all tea party members are racists and mean’ ‘all supporters of the NRA are Republicans’, ‘Obama is not a socialist’. I just wish I knew where and who ends up with a lot of my tax money. That would make good reading.

      • jamiepeck

        Trust me, I wish Obama was a socialist.

    • Dorothy Anderson

      Definition of ‘Democracy’. Vote for the right to have your hand in someone else’s pocket and tell someone else to work harder.

    • demsaredelusional

      I am thankful for wealthy people. Without them I wouldn’t have a job. It’s not any of my business how much the owners of the company that I work for make. They pay me what they agreed to and if I don’t think it’s enough I have the right to go look for another job. I’m not jealous or bitter, I understand that their responsibilities are different from mine and they are compensated accordingly. I also understand that there are a lot of people who see the tax code as a way to get even with the rich for them having more money yet all that is accomplished by the government taking more is that the rich have less to spend which makes small minded people feel better.

    • Steve Neely

      Tea Party? Where’s it say that?

      This is a ruse. Only a collectivist “progressive” could be ignorant enough to believe a Tea Party supporter would think someone who is actually working should share his tax burden.

    • Oscar Demolski

      Good for him!
      If I knew my server supported Obama I’d do the exact same thing!
      Elections have consequences and just because Obama supporters choose to suffer there’s no reason they need to drag me along with them (but they do and did).

    • FreudianSlip

      Caption should read “Awful public economic conditions caused by Obama policies.”

    • Claire

      This is so ridiculous! This is not the first “receipt note” that I have seen on the internet. Clearly this writer wanted to use this as her way of bashing the Tea Party. Low, yellow journalism. She should be ashamed of herself.