The Hot Men Of Zero Dark Thirty

zero dark thirty

So there is a lot of hype around the movie Zero Dark Thirty, about the manhunt for Osama bin Laden. It’s already gotten a lot of Golden Globe nominations and will probably get the same nod from the Academy. And apparently Jessica Chastain is amazing in it. But who cares about all that….

when there are lots of hot guys in it?! Let’s look at some of them and swoon.


1. Chris Pratt: I LOVE CHRIS PRATT. He won my heart playing Andy in Parks and Recreation, and I can’t imagine playing in a role that isn’t wonderful and charming.

ZERO DARK THIRTY2. Fares Fares: Yes that is his real name. He is Swedish.

ZERO DARK THIRTY3. Jason Clarke: So I’ve actually never heard of Jason Clarke, but apparently he is Australian. And dreamy. There seem to be a lot of dreamy foreigners in this movie.


4. Kyle Chandler: Here are both Kyle Chandler and Jason Clarke again, both looking quite dapper. Also, Jason’s eyes are beautiful.

odd life of timothy green 2 070812

5. Joel Edgerton: Another Australian. Another set of beautiful eyes.

nbc universal press tour 240712

6. Taylor Kinney: Not sure if he’s tall, but he is dark and handsome.

Los Angeles premiere of Columbia Pictures' 'Zero Dark Thirty' at Dolby Theatre

7. Édgar Ramírez: This man speaks 5 languages.

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    • Samantha_Escobar

      AH Kyle Chandler is in this?! I have had a backburner crush on him since 1996 when he was on Early Edition!

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Okay, we need to talk about Jason Clarke.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        By which I mean, he was in The Human Contract.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        By which I mean: listen guys. If you have Netflix, you need to watch The Human Contract. It will change your life.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        …By which I mean it is the directorial debut of Jada Pinkett Smith.

    • Alle


      That is the only reason I am going to see this movie.

    • Samantha

      Where is Edgar Ramirez in this list? He’s the best looking of the bunch. And Joel Edgerton? Or Taylor Kinney? This is a good start, but your list is hardly complete.

      • Vanessa Vieira

        You are right. You are so right. So we updated!