Where To Live Based On Your Favorite Kind Of Date

howabout we

Howaboutwe is recently celebrating their one millionth date, and they’ve compiled information about the sort of dates that are popular from state to state. I figured you we should share them here. So, if your main priority in terms of deciding where to live is whether someone seems very likely to take you on a date to eat frozen yogurt there (New York. There are a lot of frozen yogurt dates in New York.) well, this is the guide for you.

In essence:

  • The number one city for dining dates is Atlanta
  • The number one city for drinks dates is New York (subway + neurosis = this is absolutely true).
  • The number one city for coffee dates is Seattle (again, not surprising, as it is the land of Starbucks).
  • The number one city for music and dancing dates is Washington (this I was surprised by, because, well, I guess because I assume Washingtonians don’t like to have fun).
  • The number one city for sports and fitness dates is Denver
  • The number one city for cultural dates is New York (drinking AND going to museums! Go us!)
  • The number one city for volunteering dates is Detroit
  • The number one city for educational dates is St. Louis

So, there you go. I am moving to Atlanta now, where I will be eating tremendous amounts of BBQ and learning how to love.

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