Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant. Obviously.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

Have you heard that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant? Yes, it appears to be that time of year again. The time when Jennifer Anison smiles, wears a coat, goes outside and otherwise convinces the tabloids that she is with child.

According to The Daily Mail, Jen either ate too much ham on Christmas, or is incredibly pregnant:

“Fresh from the excesses of Christmas and New Year, Jennifer Aniston looked to be sporting a fuller face as she arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel studios on Tuesday. ”

What evidence does The Daily Mail have to support this rumor? Oh, just the fact that Jen made a weird face while waving to someone on the street:

“The actress was caught at an unflattering angle while walking down Hollywood Boulevard to film the late night show.


Dressed in a casual white T-shirt and green jeans, Jennifer enthusiastically waved and smiled while her fiancé Justin Theroux strolled alongside her.”

Meanwhile, she appeared on Late Night the same night in a tight dress while wielding a sledge hammer. Unfortunately, she did not use it on the people who created this rumor. Jennifer Aniston Sledgehammer

Luckily for Jen, we’ve come up with a complete list of items that will squelch pregnancy rumors before they start. If Jen can simply refrain from engaging in the following list of activities, we will never hear another false pregnancy rumor again:

(Photos: Shutterstock/ABC)



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    • samtheham

      “Incredibly pregnant” would mean that she is even more pregnant than the average pregnant woman. You’re suggesting that Aniston is either, like, 32 months pregnant or has eaten too much ham.

      • Meghan Keane

        Yes, that sounds right.

      • fryer01

        maybe she just does not want to flaunt the idiot jolie!! jen has class…and if she is (and i think she is) it will be private…she has nothing to prove !!!!

    • WhoCares?!

      Yeah, let’s wait until we’re 43 to have babies. I guess she was too busy with all the boytoys..

      • Tricia Didier Norene

        so you would have her have a child out of wedlock? Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs, otherwise known as dating in order to find a suitable and compatible mate…

    • rejco

      Hasn’t her 720 months pregnancy been the longest human pregnancy in the history of the world?

    • LouisaFinnell

      She’s 44 years old. At that age, most women don’t just get pregnant. I’m not saying she is or isn’t, because I don’t really care. But the odds are substantially against it, just in case people still care to speculate.

      • fryer01

        my sister had one at 42 and the other at 45…no problem…IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!

      • just_me_in_TN

        I know someone who is 43 and just got pregnant after having her tubes tied 10 years ago. She got pregnant without any medical intervention. She’s still in shock. LOL! So, stranger things have happened.

    • fryer01

      i hope she is…at least she won’t be like the other one adopting tons for kids…and then play the pooor me..”.i just don’t have time for myself..” jen is alot smarter than jole..and you can bet jen WILL TAKE care of her kid herself…not have tons of nannies like the other one !!!!! YOU GO JEN…BEST OF LUCK YOU DESERVE IT !!!!!

      • dontgivea

        tons or nannies or not at least the kids now have a better prospect for their futures rather than where they were before…just saying

      • dontgivea

        tons of*

      • Marjie Nicholas

        Seriously? You can’t say something “nice” about JA without making rude comments about AJ? Sorry, but that’s ridiculous! Not once have I even seen a statement from AJ whining about anything where any of her children are concerned! Jen is hardly “smarter than Jolie”, and frankly, the idea of her doing everything for a hild herself, when she loves just walking down the street so everyone will fall all over themselves to see her, doesn’t make anyone with brains think she wouldn’t have at least one nannie. Some of you people act as if AJ and BP have 20 nannies, and never see their kids unless it’s to take a picture with them. You are just moronic; JA doesn’t want kids, or she would still be with BP and have 2! If she doesn’t want them, she doesn’t want them; her choice!

    • fasleflagusa

      I knew this would happen, but she wanted it and she wanted it bad. So I gave in and now look. Well, I knew this would happen.

    • Dee Carnegie

      Let’s just say I’d rather see an Aniston/Theroux production than whatever the hell Kim and Kanye have bred…

    • Martha Guzman

      How many times has she been pregnant over the past year?????? Geezzz!!!

    • soupy

      Guess this post is bogus…see what happens when you listen to GOSSIP, you write bogus articles