What Your Favorite Movie Era Says About You

gangster squad

Gangster Squad is coming out tomorrow, and I keep getting confused into thinking I would want to live in the 1930′s. I definitely do not – and I especially do not want to live in the 1930′s and get shot at repeatedly by Sean Penn. Taking it into consideration, I really only want to see this movie because I like red dresses. Here are some other things you like based on your favorite period movies….

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    • Lastango

      People didn’t “say racist things in public” in the 1980′s. We just like to pretend they did so we of the Smuggest Generation can feel morally superior and enlightened.

      People not only used to dress up for dinner, they also did to travel, too, up through the 1960′s. Going somewhere was special. Now, nothing is special. Throwing away decorum seems to have had side affects. Not long ago, in the NYT, Rachel Swarns reported on how women sometimes don’t even know when they had been on a date because people are defaulting to the comfort zone of hanging out in groups instead of going out with each other on the one-on-one highwire:


      “Nobody picks me up, nobody drops me off at home,” said Anne Zelek, a 27-year-old marketing manager… Oftentimes I don’t really know that I’ve been on a date until I get home from one,” she said. “It’s confusing. All of our love lives are confusing.”



      That doesn’t seem like much of a recipe for dressing up. Or for simmering, Bogie-and-Bacall repartee:

      “They all like to communicate via text message,” Ms. Ferguson said. “When you tell a guy you want to talk on the phone, it’s like you want to get married to him.”