Lena Dunham And Friends Wore Mostly Nice Things To The Girls Premiere Party

HBO Premiere of Gilrs in New York

HBO’s Girls returns to TV this Sunday, which is good, because I was starting to run out of inconsequential things to argue about with my colleagues. To herald that fact, they held a premiere party in New York last night, to which the cast and various other famous people showed up wearing clothes. Some of these clothes were good and some were less so, but pretty much all of them were more flattering than the purposefully embarrassing things Lena Dunham and friends wear on the show to signify the fact that they are still “getting it together.” Let’s take a look!

Photos: WENN

Lena Dunham

Her formal jumpsuit wasn't very flattering on her, but maybe it wasn't supposed to be.

Lena Dunham

It did have a cool back, though.

Jemima Kirke

Post-baby Jemima Kirke pulls off a velvet robe from Hot Topic better than I have ever pulled off anything in my life.

Zosia Mamet

I always get the feeling Zosia Mamet is a weird and delightful person.

Zosia Mamet

Her dress had a cool back, too.

Allison Williams

Is skinny and conventionally attractive. Let's kill her!

Alex Karpovsky, Christopher Abbott, Adam Driver and Andrew Rannels

Let's get most of the boring dude fashion into one photo. Which one is sloppy and does not belong?


Oh look, Lena Dunham met a black person! (Has enough time gone by yet for this to count as meta-humor?)

Ari Gaynor

This is not how you do the '90s crop top look.

Zoe Kravtiz

This is much closer to how you do the '90s crop top look.

Steve Buscemi

It's in his Boardwalk Empire contract that he must attend the premieres of lesser HBO shows.

Nicky Hilton

Is still around, going to things.

Shiri Appleby

Is still around, pregnant. (And/or got fat in a weird way.)

Salonge Knowles

Pure artsy and fun perfection. (I saved the best for last.)
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      are you sure #9 is ari graynor? cannot be!