Illustrated Guide: How To Behave After A One Night Stand

how to behave after a one night stand

Was your New Year’s resolution to have more casual sex? If so, you should really reconsider because New Year’s resolutions are stupid. However, just because you didn’t promise yourself to wake up beside more strangers in 2013 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to handle the morning after. Today’s Illustrated Guide will teach you exactly how to behave after a one night stand.

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    • Katie

      YOU’RE BACK!

    • Toad

      These are my favorite.

    • asabrinalee

      i just asked one out on a date… is this incorrect?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I SUPPOSE that is acceptable, provided he/she does not have a particularly desirable breed of dog.

    • Fabel

      Yay, I missed these!!

      • Emily

        I missed them SO. MUCH.

    • Candace

      I think the most helpful lesson this taught me was “Keep your sunglasses on the entire time like a badass.”

    • DreaTheGreat

      I examined my last one night stand…I definitely tried to take a trophy, alas there was nothing I worthwhile. I did take a long shower, rummaged through his meds, and put my sunglasses on after getting dressed. Single dudes don’t have kitchens where you can cook, at least not this one. I will note to self all of your tips, thank you a gazillion.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Glad to be of help. We’re not afraid to be servicey.

    • ChattyKathy

      It’s a must to take the change and any money you can find, also take the good meds. I’m horrible, i know.

      • DreaTheGreat

        I love you.

    • LisaDisqus

      Sorry but this is all wrong from the get go! Allow me to assist with the rewrite. How to behave after a one night stand (like right after) 1 – relax in the afterglow of post sexy time, cuddle if you like that shit, smoke a cig, whatevs. 2 – GO THE FUCK HOME. Seriously, sharing a bed sucks and less chance of cannibalism at your place. End!