The Gloss Is Launching Wed Bed Dead: Watch Us Play F*ck Marry Kill On YouTube!

Gloss editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff discuss the rules of Wed Bed Dead

Remember how we told you we’re launching a YouTube series and it’s going to be really great and you should watch News For Bitches? Well, we’re ALSO launching a series starring your two favorite free associating megalomaniacal Gloss editors, Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff.

Jennifer and Ashley’s spirited games of Fuck Marry Kill are one of The Gloss’ most beloved features. Now, instead of arguing it out in long, boring posts that require robust attention spans, they’ll be playing in video format.

Yes, Fuck Marry Kill… only the bickering and insulting takes place in realtime. You’ll be able to watch as Jennifer argues marrying Darth Vader over Luke and Han (though it won’t make much more sense).

We’ve deemed the show Wed Bed Dead. New episodes will go up every Wednesday.

In the following teaser, our intrepid editors discuss how the game is played:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in every Wednesday for sweet, sweet Jennifer and Ashley time in new episodes of Wed Bed Dead.

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    • Fabel

      But my feeble attention span is so broken that it handles long posts better than videos! (I will be watching anyway though, because I <3 you guys)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        <3 you too, Fabel.

    • Ashley Cardiff



      Because you guys were all “pics or it didn’t happen”–we filmed the first two episodes pre-haircut, so you have to wait a few weeks to see (with baited breath, presumably).

    • Emily

      Oh man, really excited!

    • Tania

      Jennifer sounds nothing like I imagined, but Ashley totally does. In any case, I am excited for this! Your back-and-forth posts make me laugh every time.

      • Tania

        Oh, and also! Now that you guys have videos, can you somehow make an app for the site? Browsing on my iPhone’s Safari is really inefficient.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        We do need an app. We’ll get back to you on that.

        Also. I feel as though I’ve won for being more like your expectations!

    • brirose

      It was so weird to see your mannerisms and hear your voices compared to what I’ve made up for you two in my head. Love it and can’t wait for more!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        It is also weird to imagine people speculating about your mannerisms! What did you think we were like? Tell me!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Oh, goodness, tell me, too. Also, I need to start wearing make-up on camera because I swear my face does not look that flat in real life, I promise.

      • lee

        ashley, i imagined you to be keith richards in female form. you are better. also, you are a dead ringer for jessa from girls.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        “Better than” Girl Keith Richards, while enormously flattering, is an impossibility.

    • jiraf

      Jennifer where are you from?? Do you have an accent?? Am I crazy and this is all in my head??

      • Jennifer Wright

        I have a crazy voice! My nanny was from Aberdeen, I’m originally from Texas. Nothing makes sense.

    • Maude

      You are nothing like I imagined, either!

      But you are both really, really pretty.

    • MR

      Yeah, this is always amusing from the guy’s side. Jennifer has obviously never been married. :)

    • Nymph1816

      Why would you tell me this? I have to wait until Wednesday?! You both are so clever/smart/pretty. I both have a ladycrush on you individually and as a pair.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thank you! Aw, you guys.

    • Cee

      Love the top, Cardiff. Can’t wait to see your haircut!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        It’s actually my favorite shirt! Which is why I wore it on the first day of filming.

        (steeply, mercifully discounted Rachel Comey, if you were curious)

    • Lyle

      You guys are too cute!

    • Rosie

      Oh my god! It’s so weird to actually see you two. Interacting, no less.

      This is surreal after 2+ years of reading the site.

    • anna

      Jennifer is totally not what i expected. I think I somehow made up a more snappy aubrey plaza voice for her? also, jennifer totally sounds like a celebrity. cannot place it, but it is so familiar.
      ashley sounds very much like the voice i read in my head.

      • anna

        ALYSON HANNIGAN. jennifer, you sound just like alyson hannigan.

      • lee

        so allyson hannigan.

      • lee

        you look like a prettier allyson hannigan, too, jennifer.

    • Alle

      I did not know there were so many rules for FMK! Please don’t forget to tell us how you plan to murder the person. I feel like this is important information.

    • Sara

      I love you both, and am soooo excited for this, but you both vocal fry like nobody’s business.

      • Someone Confused

        Do you know what vocal fry is?