First Time Ever: The Miss California Pageant Is Allowing A Transgender Woman To Compete

o-KYLAN-WENZEL-TRANSGENDER-MISS-CALIFORNIA-570Although some parts of the country are still living in the past, California doesn’t appear to be one of them. In a move that’s not only a big deal for the LGBT community but shows that Donald Trump isn’t entirely a jackass, Kylan Arianna Wenzel will be the first EVER transgender woman to possibly compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Last year Trump disqualified Miss Canada finalist Jenna Talackova because she’s not a “naturally born female.” The fallout from the disqualification resulted in discrimination accusations and over 20,000 people signing a petition. Surprisingly, Mr. Insensitive himself had no choice but to cave. The man does need to make money after all.

The change in the rules has put Ms. Wenzel in a frenzy of glee. She has since quit her job and moved up the original date of her sex re-assignment surgery in preparation, explaining  that this has been a life long dream since she was a little girl.

“You have to put it out to the universe — what you want to do — and you have to follow up on it,” Wenzel remarked to Frontiers. “So, let’s say for transgender individuals, even if you haven’t had your sex change and you’re not sure, you have to act like you are Miss Universe or you are the woman you see yourself being. And you do that in everyday life.”

And sigh. Wasn’t that a nice way to end a Friday? Trump isn’t a total douche and Ms. Wenzel is a confident, amazing and inspirational woman who’s going to go places.


Via Huffington Post

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    • Samantha_Escobar

      It’s nice to know that Donald Trump’s thirst for money occasionally yields good results (seriously, this is awesome!).

    • Chelsea

      Yeah, but single mothers still can’t compete. There’s nothing to celebrate.

      • Chelsea

        Scratch that, there is plenty to celebrate. I just think they should allow every woman to compete.

    • kj

      Congratulations! You now have the right to be equally objectified. Yay normative femininity.

      • Amanda Chatel

        THIS. I love you, kj.