Guys, Jodie Foster Already Came Out In 2007

jodie foster golden globes

Guys, I know we are excited that Jodie Foster supposedly came out at the Golden Globes, but she already came out in 2007. She actually gave a moving tribute to her girlfriend. It was a whole thing. It was a whole thing that Jodie Foster came out and revealed her over decade long relationship with her girlfriend Cyndey Bernard in 2007 during a Women in Entertainment breakfast. That was five years ago, in case people were keeping track.

At the time, The Guardian wrote that:

Jodie Foster is a lesbian. This startling piece of news is akin to the shock revelation that Rudolph the Reindeer has a very shiny nose. In other words, if you didn’t already know this, you seriously need to retune your gaydar.

It’s a secret as open as the Grand Canyon that Foster has been stepping out with film producer Cyndey Bernard for years, and that they are raising Foster’s two children together. The surprise is not that Jodie is gay, but that it has taken her so long to say so.

And, again, at that time Lesbian Life wrote that:

“I never thought I’d see this day. Perhaps it was because her children are getting older and she didn’t want them to think there was anything wrong with being gay.
“Perhaps she was simply sick and tired of life in the closet.
“Whatever her reasons, we are pleased that Jodie found the courage to be true to herself.”

All of this is nice! It’s great to be true to who you are, and proud of who you are! However, Jodie Foster already did this years ago. Still a really nice speech, though.

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    • Cee

      Yea, she did come out a few years back and it has been known for a long time, yet people seem to always like hearing people say they are gay in as many ways as possible. The world seems to cream their panties (Perez Hilton probably blasts his off) when someone says they are gay. I mean, you can’t just say you have a girlfriend, you MUST say “I am gay” because that’s when it REALLY counts to everyone obsessed with dragging someone out of the closet. And, from that day forward you must bring it up constantly and be just as constantly asked about being gay. A gay person never seems to stop coming out because the world is so obsessed with them doing so or reminding you that they are gay. It’s fucking annoying.

    • Lisa(r)

      I agree with Cee. Of course Jodie already came out, she even started her speech off by saying that she had already come out! It’s a constant process, repeated to different audiences, friends and family first, and in the case of a celebrity like Jodie Foster, actual audiences of her movies and awards shows, or a new set of writers and other people in the media. Sometimes just stating the truth and asking for support and privacy, the way Jodie Foster did here, is the best thing to do, over and over, whether on the small scale or on an internationally televised awards show. Communication is a good thing.