Red Carpet Rundown: The Best Dressed At The 70th Annual Golden Globes

Isla Fisher golden globes

The 70th annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night and hopefully you enjoyed our knee jerk reactions to the (mostly boring) red carpet. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of stand out looks last night, so consider this best dressed list… graded on a curve.

Still, red carpet reliables like Julianne Moore and Anne Hathaway looked grand, while surprise turns from Olivia Munn, Lucy Liu and Stacy Keibler kept things interesting.

…Mildly, at least.

Let’s begin.

Tina Fey golden globes dresses

Tina Fey wore L’Wrenn Scott. Tina’s usually pretty awkward on the red carpet, but in the last year she’s starting “working it,” as is the parlance of fashion blogs. Anyway, her sleek blowout flattered and her tea length frock was refreshing.

Amy Poehler golden globes dressesTina’s cohost Amy Poehler also deviated from her usual red carpet unease and went really, really sexy in a Stella McCartney suit, worn over blinding diamonds. Not a truly memorable look, no, but we love a pretty lady in a suit.

Isla Fisher golden globes dresses

Isla Fisher wore Reem Acra. No, this is not the sort of dress we usually like but there were so many goddamn sparkly neutral gowns that we had to pick one and–seriously–has Isla ever looked lovelier in the face area? We said she should “high five her makeup artist.”

Jessica Alba golden globes red carpet

Jessica Alba is the queen of red carpet safeness. However–line toeing and big dumb glamour though it may be–Alba looks magnificent in peach. The dress is Oscar de la Renta.

Olivia Munn golden globe awards

We’ve said it before but we prefer when people do something a little different on the red carpet. Olivia Munn opted for a strange Armani that fit her beautifully and left some impact.

Anne Hathaway red carpet golden globes looksAlbeit boring, Anne Hathaway was the picture of gamine elegance in Chanel.

Julianne Moore golden globe awards red carpet

Julianne Moore seldom disappoints. Last night, she was dressed by close pal Tom Ford and looked chic and modern.

Lucy Liu golden globe awards red carpetThis is the one look people might give us the most shit for: Lucy Liu paired her massive, statement-making Carolina Herrera with a loose, messy fishtail braid. Though we think the silhouette’s a little too exaggerated, we’re in love with the print.

Stacy Keibler golden globe awardsWe never thought we’d give Stacy Keibler a best dressed nod. She’s usually such a cheeseball in ruffly, frothy Marchesa gowns.

Last night, though, she slipped on this Armani Privé mermaid and embodied refined minimalism. We were surprised how much we liked her in this.

Rachel Weisz golden globe awards

Rachel Weisz is last and most graded on the curve. We first saw her on camera from the waist up and thought she looked like a complete knockout. When we finally saw the rest of the dress, we were disappointed by the sheer skirt. It went from being absolutely gorgeous to being absolutely gorgeous and available on clearance at Urban Outfitters in one. Still, that hair, that makeup, that neckline…

All right, guys–since we have no qualifications to actually rate red carpet looks (but we do have plenty of bitterness and hangover), we want to hear your thoughts. Who was best dressed last night?

You can pick your top three:

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    • zanbrody

      I was totally underwhelmed by everyone. Anne Hathaway’s dress was beautiful, but I wish she’d gone for some big statement jewelry or even something in her hair. I appreciate she was trying to have a clean/elegant look, but she was really boring for a nominee. I think the winner of the night may have been Jessica Alba, and her look wasn’t innovative in any way. Lots of pretty/attractive looks, but no jaw drop fashion moments for me.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I agree.

    • Kim

      Jennifer Lawrence was by far the best dressed of the night

    • Val20

      I thought Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts were the best dressed by far!

    • Donna Shellington

      I loved Hailly Berrys dress!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Katy Hearne

      While in college I worked at a bridal shop & I’m pretty sure I sold Anne Hathaway’s dress to about a dozen mother of the brides (but in coral). So, ya know. That’s exciting.

    • Paulina

      Kristen Bell deserved to be here :c

      • Nichole

        She did look lovely!

    • Pam

      Kate Hudson was the best dressed! Her dress was stunning – I just wish she had tied her hair up a bit so you could see the beautiful neckline better

    • Natalie
    • alexandra

      Someone told me Anne Hathaway’s dress was vintage; could it be true? Does that even happen?

      Also, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna need about 1/5 of Lucy Liu’s skirt. I just can’t.