Why Do All Famous Women Dress The Same? (Regarding All Those Sparkly Golden Globes Dresses)

golden globes dresses

Every time Hollywood hosts a big awards show, The Gloss‘ intrepid deputy editor Ashley Cardiff whines about how everything looks the same. EIC Jennifer Wright, however, loves when everyone looks all classically pretty and romantic and soft.

Here, they discuss the omnipresence of Ashley’s much despised Sparkly Neutral Gown, especially among the many Golden Globes dresses. And they wonder, what does it mean to be well dressed on the red carpet?

Jennifer:  Last night made me exceptionally happy. Soshanna wore a little hat on Girls, and everyone at the Golden Globes wore nude fishtail dresses. The world has finally come around to my point of view, and I’m proud of it for doing so.

Ashley:  It’s true, the red carpet really played to your strengths last night. Which is why I do red carpet coverage and you don’t–if you were in charge, everyone who looked “well bred” would be best dressed and that’d be that.

Jennifer:  I’d also say they looked “clean haired” and “aristocratic.”

Ashley:  That’s your type.

Jennifer:  Those things are really important to me. Everyone was that!

Ashley:  It’s true! Sparkly, neutrals–beiges, nudes, pale pinks, what have yous–with lots of side swept waves and “updated Old Hollywood” beauty makeup. It was your dream red carpet and my nightmare of mediocrity. I felt like Kurtz.

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    • Candace

      omg thats so funny seeing them all next to each other like that. And it’s funny because all the red carpet hosts kept saying “Theres gonna be a lot of color on the carpet tonight” and it was just dresses like this and a lot of black.

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        Like it always is!

    • anna

      i like nude sparkly dresses. i think they are pretty, and i like pretty things. but i agree with ashley, because i do not want to wear a pretty dress. i like to make fucking statements, and more often than not i’m applauded.
      btw, i wore a wedding dress to junior high once. i geniunley just thought it was a pretty white lace dress. i got alot of shit, but a lot of people came up to me to tell me how cool and “brave” i was. (i was not brave, just clueless)
      anyway, fashion risks can win you respect, but pretty is always nice.

      • sabrina

        i applaud you m’ lady.

    • MR

      Again one guy’s visual perspective. No one carries it off as well as Nicole does. All those nice curves.

    • Jenny Lopze

      They are gorgeous! Although the style is similar, but they look so different.