Female NYU Students Turning To Sugar Baby Arrangements To Pay Rent, Tuition

Hugh hefner and girlfriends Kristina Shannon, Crystal Harris

The New York Post is concern-trolling hard today. They’re extremely worried that mounting tuition costs, rising rents and… dunno, expensive shoe habits?… are forcing women to turn increasingly to sugar babying.

This might not be entirely good old Post alarmist make believe, though, because sugar baby Facebook–SeekingArrangement.com–claims that 300 NYU co-eds joined the site last year (a 154% jump up from 2011). Intones the Post, “It was the second-highest number of new members for any college in the country.” Ominous!

Naturally, the newspaper rounded up a few ladies to ponder the idea:

“I’ll admit that I’ve thought about doing something like that,” said a Columbia junior who gave only her first name, Karen.

“It would be easier in some ways than working, taking classes and then spending years paying back loans.”

Alex Cranshaw, 22, who graduated from NYU last year, said three of his female classmates had sugar daddies — including a woman whose benefactor financed a whole semester in Madrid.

“He funded her tuition, paid for her housing, gave her spending money and paid for her airfare,” Cranshaw said.

“She told her parents she got a scholarship. They had no idea.”

We’ll also have to view this from another angle; that the world is going to hell:

Not all students approve of the arrangements.

“Clearly, we need more financial aid if those are the lengths people are going to pay for school,” sniffed Ashley Thaxton, 20, an NYU theater major.

“I have friends who work multiple jobs, and there are other opportunities to support yourself through school,” she said.

While it’s interesting that sugar baby enrollment is seemingly on the rise, that doesn’t mean co-eds are actually becoming sugar babies. Moreover, if they do, it sounds like kind of a nightmare anyway? Or a pipe dream? Finally, as far as soul-sucking jobs that help pay off towering student loans go, it’s not significantly more dehumanizing than blogger.

But, if you’re interested, here’s everything you need to know.

Thanks, Post.


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    • sdk5

      I’m a PhD student and I would do it if I ran out of funding. A lot of men and women are supported by their spouse while they work on their degree. what is a single person to do?

      • novasteve

        What’s a single straight man to do given he lacks this alternative?

      • 1droidfan

        Get a real job?

      • idic5

        but what kind of job? I am sure the sugar babies know

      • sdk5

        seekingarrangement.com has a section for sugar mommies looking for gigolos

      • SoldierFirst

        Chip and Dale or established older women.

      • joeymegatron

        Wouldn’t that make your a hooker or gigolo?

      • SoldierFirst

        Hookers stand on street corners, not internet. :)

    • JennyWren

      I love that we are totally relying on Alex’s classroom gossip, because everyone knows that’s an entirely accurate method of research and never ever exaggerated AT ALL. If you had believed half the stuff flying around in my undergrad classes, you would have concluded that half the class were prostitutes, the other half were drug dealers, and the lecturer was a meth addict.

      Anyway. Yeah, student debt is a right bugger (and it only gets worse if you decide to do post-grad work) so I can see why some girls might resort to this, but honestly I think the numbers are likely to be miniscule.

    • alexandra

      So glad the Post finally found out about this!

      also, lol @ “sniffed.”

    • Lauren

      I’m a freshmen at the U of Iowa who recently joined seeking arrangement. It’s a great opportunity for mature younger women. I have a pretty open view of sexuality, and I do love older men, so it’s a win-win situation for me. There are some weirdo’s out there, but I think that I’m being safe by screening them as much as I can. I’m glad I joined.

    • http://twitter.com/KellyLane2 Kelly Lane

      Are you on Seeking Arrangement? We’re seeking your stories! I’m working on a project that requires submissions of essays from women who have participated in Seeking Arrangement. Your anonymity will be respected, and all contributors will be compensated. Email SA.essays@gmail.com!

    • joeymegatron

      Assuming the men are getting ‘something’ and that something is sex, aren’t these girls just trading sexual favors for (tuition) money, and therefore doesn’t that make them hookers?

      • http://twitter.com/queen2846 Terri Joiner

        Letting your date pay for dinner and then having sex is now considered ( hooker) in the U.S. Look how many women now support men and also women are driving their cars while the men sit in the passenger seat.Paying for sex should be a legal .Men have been paying for it forever.Now wealthy women pay for a young cute stud.

    • SoldierFirst

      I guess they never thought of going to an affordable college or university in an affordable town? As unfortunate as it is you do have to give them credit for doing whatever it takes to get an education.

    • idic5

      We are becoming more like the 19th century every day. This stuff is right out of Dostoyevsky and Dickens. We have the masses as permanent poverty level wages almost like serfs, too. Bring back the f–ing czar!

    • You Know Who

      Sounds like they are getting a degree in money whoring!