Vogue Prints Hurricane Sandy Themed Editorial: How Do You Feel?


Hurricane Sandy was undeniably bad. It left thousands without food, water or power, and knocked a bunch of people on their asses who were already clinging to a precarious existence. Thankfully, the good folks at Vogue are here to pretty up all that unsightly damage with top models in thousand dollar ball gowns. No, really! Vogue‘s February issue features a beautifully shot Annie Leibovitz editorial consisting of well-dressed young women hanging out with various first responders. I’m glad Vogue helped raise money for hurricane relief, but does that give them license to do something this gross? Or maybe I’m wrong, and luxury goods and poverty stricken disaster areas are just two great tastes that taste great together. How do you feel?

Photos: Vogue

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

Models to the rescue! Just kidding.

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

"Want to help distribute emergency rations? Show up early and wear your Louboutins!"

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

Who needs power in their house with megawatt beauty like that nearby?

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

If only the poor would turn their babies into low-carb snacks for models, a lot of problems could be avoided.

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

These cops are not here to stop and frisk you. They're here to help. Honest!

Vogue Does Hurricane Sandy

You guys had better hurry up if you want to get back to the nice part of Brooklyn before the sun goes down.
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    • ChattyKathy

      this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen. why not just do a pictorial piece why put these models in to the mix.

    • JennyWren

      I do love how unimpressed a lot of the first responders look. I’m sure they were going for a serious/model-esq look but it’s coming across more as “Seriously? No, seriously, we’re doing what now?”
      Also, in that fourth shot it looks a lot like one of the models is POKING THE REGULAR WOMAN IN THE HEAD. Like “Gosh, isn’t it funny how short they are and stuff? Regular people are so adorable!” I’m not sure what they were going for there, but it’s not working.

    • MissR

      Unless proceeds from the sale of these dresses/this issue of vogue is going towards hurricane relief,… Yeah that’s terrible.

    • Marissa

      You know in “13 Going on 30″ when they do a redesign of Poise magazine, and Judy Greer’s character comes up with the theme of dangerously heroin chic? Yeah…they should have done this spread instead, and it would have better proven the point that she was a terrible editor. This is a total joke.

    • Sarahjane

      Dear Vogue: This is just perfectly awful. Disaster and tragedy and rescue workers as some kind of exotic background for a fashion photoshoot? Wow! It’s offensive on so many levels.

    • Christa

      As one of the first responders, and a coworker of some of the first responders that were in the vogue spread (im not going to say which one), i will say that although we were confused about the shoot and still extremely busy during the time that it was shot, it did actually lift the spirits of our employees who had spent a ridiculous amount of time in the front lines. It made all of us feel as if someone was acknowledging what we had gone through. What i’m saying may not make sense to many but we did feel like the forgotten out there during Sandy and this shoot did do a good job in making us feel recognized.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=548531171 Eddi Frantz

      It’s great that the first responders were recognised, as one of them who was in the actual Vogue shoot acknowledge…but just HOW it was done ( just plonk a few models in evening dresses here and there) is SO lazy, out of touch and frankly insulting. I’m a long-time Vogue reader (25+ years) and sorely miss the Vogue of old, where it was more intelligent and actually had something relevant to say. It took risks ( particularly when Avedon or Newton were shooting) but did it in a way that excited…not insulted. This takes Vogue’s irrelevancy to new, very stupid heights. I think some people really need to ‘retire’ from there.