How To Convince Everyone That Your Imaginary Boyfriend Is Real (À La Manti Te’o Style)

My boyfriend can totally beat up your boyfriend.

My boyfriend can totally beat up your boyfriend.

In the wake of Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o‘s fake girlfriendLennay Kekua, one has to wonder exactly how many people are running around out there in fake relationships. I know I’m in five of them at the moment, but that could change any day now.

If you’re unaware of this Te’o situation, basically, he “met” Lennay via Twitter, fell in love with her, then she died. Well, actually she didn’t die, because she never lived and now Manti is claiming that he’s the victim of a horrible prank. Whether it was indeed the hoax that he’s claiming or he just simply “made up” his girlfriend for whatever reason, isn’t up for debate. Personally, I don’t care. However, what I do care about is helping you convince those around you that why yes, you do have a boyfriend even though you don’t. Why? Because make-believe buddies shouldn’t be for just five-year-olds.

Remember how the awkward kid in high school claimed he had a “girlfriend in Canada?” You’re going to be like that kid, but with some actual evidence, and thanks to social media, it’s going to be easy. You just need to be a wee bit creative. Now let’s get you that imaginary boyfriend!

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    • R.

      Manti Te’o Style!
      Heeey phony ladies!

    • CJ

      My best friend did this same “met a guy, different school, oops he died” story when we were freshmen in high school. I always wonder if she even remembers her crazy story and if it will ever be ok to confront her about it. I assume it’s easier to just let her be fruit loops.