Jennifer Lopez’s People Cover Is Too ‘Betsy Johnson’ For Her


I imagine that one of the main stresses of being ridiculously famous is how often people (and in this case, People) take terrible photos of you only to publish them anyway. It’s almost like being tagged in shitty Facebook pictures, except it’s all the time and everyone in the world can see past your privacy settings, which are probably futile anyway. In this case, the new Jennifer Lopez cover of People has upset the great J. Lo herself and, if I’m honest, understandably so.

In her interview, she apparently discusses Marc Anthony (because people/People apparently care about that relationship still…though I’d admittedly read something about Bennifer, FFS) and Beau “Casper” Smart, her new fellah who’s 18 years her junior. But the cover is what’s presently in question, being that she looks considerably different than usual.

According to the New York Post, Jennifer Lopez is displeased with People‘s choice of photo. “Her camp feels she looks old and haggard,” a source reportedly said, and she has been compared to eccentric designer Betsey Johnson due to her stick-straight hair and kind of ridiculous smile. Personally, I love Betsey Johnson and her adorable ridiculousness, but she is 70-years-old and when you’re 43, as J. Lo is, it is rarely flattering to be compared to somebody nearly 30 years your senior.

Nevertheless, she is still one of the most widely recognized stars in the world, and is certainly considered one of the most beautiful, as well. I’d say that if this the worst cover she does in her life, she’s done just fine for herself (because, you know, she’s on magazine covers in the first place).

Photo: People Magazine

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    • msenesac

      I don’t blame her for being pissed. I think she looks terrible in this picture.

      • Ana

        Agreed. But, why did she agree to a photo shoot with her hair like that and wearing those clothes? Unless then entire thing is photoshopped…

      • lucygoosey74

        I have to agree. I usually think she looks gorgeous but this picture does her no justice.

    • Candace

      I actually like it. It’s not the moooost flattering, but it makes her look a lot better than that “I’m trying to be sexy” duck face she always makes on the red carpet. She looks happy!

    • Gina

      I think she actually, for once, almost looks age appropriate. And I love the fact that she actually has some clothes on on this picture! Let’s be honest, her choices of wardrobe to events in the last few years have been ridiculous; she is always trying too hard to look like a twenty-something slut and she always has a grumpy look on her face. I like her “Betsey Johnson” attire and smile sooo much better. (Also, she still doesn’t look like 43 in that picture, I don’t understand the criticism.)

    • Sariah

      I guess I don’t see the problem? I think it’s nice to see her not so polished and slicked and shellacked.

    • Lemona

      It isn’t her usual type of hairstyle, I’ll grant you that, but her smile in the picture is radiant. There’s nothing like a big beaming smile to make someone look great. I think it’s the *best* picture I’ve ever seen of her. As Gina and Candace noted –she actually looks happy here, and that’s a big improvement over that mystical combination of sexy/grumpy face that some celebrities like to cultivate.

    • Amy

      It’s the best photo I’ve ever seen of her – she looks real, not primped and plastic. And her smile is radiant; she should smile like that more often.

    • Nerdy Lucy

      I like it because it’s a different side of her. Very rarely do I feel like the public sees a smile that isn’t too contrived and perfect. This looks like a genuine laugh.