American Girl Doll Samantha Discontinued

American Girl doll Samantha

Take a minute to deal with the staggering loss of American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington. Take as much time as you need. Leave work, get some ice cream (just like Samantha did!) and weep. Just weep. For your childhood is dead, now.

Maybe your childhood has been dead for a while, I don’t know, but I just found out about this today, via the Jane Dough. I think they sum up everything when they say:

Samantha was the doll that every girl wanted to have. Receiving the Samantha doll as a present was proof that justice and good existed in the world; the girls who owned her undoubtedly grew into lawyers, philanthropists, founders of non-profits, and women with fast metabolisms who say things like “Oh, I’m just naturally a morning person.”

I had a Samantha. Also a Felicity, but Felicity… well Felicity’s outfits were almost as good. Felicity certainly had some very good outfits, just not QUITE AS good.

And Felicity never got ice cream. She was just always riding a horse someplace. Samantha had tiny little purses as a child.

Nothing will ever be quite as good. Certainly, not anything worn by these new American Girl dolls with names like “Sage” who probably do not even have elegant, Dowager-Countess-like Grandmothers to teach them about ice cream parlors and being a suffragette.

What world are we creating for our children’s children?

Picture via American Girl

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    • Samantha_Escobar


      • Cate

        I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Cate


      I had a girl of today (because I’m a nonconformist) and then the first limited edition doll, Lindsey, but I’ve always had a major soft spot in my heart for Samantha, as she is the girl who most resembled me. So basically I’m taking this very personally and feel as if the American Girl company is discontinuing ME.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Same :( Well, partially because of the name thing, but I am also sad because SHE WAS AWESOME.

      • melissa green

        i could not have put it better myself! she was def my favorite for that exact same reason. i even had the matching outfits. : ( how could American Girl Dolls do this to us!

    • cannonball101

      Samantha was my first American Girl doll, and the character that lead me to a lifelong love of NYC, and eventually moving there. I was so into this character that I even wrote in my diary as if I was writing letters to HER. (I know, right?) This is terrible.

    • Alle

      Weep for me, gentle Americans, for as an Australian I never knew about/owned one of these dolls. Now as an adult I am sliiiightly scared of their faces, but cannot pinpoint what it is about them that gives me such an unsettled feeling.

    • Lemona

      The dolls were too pricey for my family, but as a child I signed up for the catalogs, so I could look at the lovely possibilities and enjoy them from afar. Oh, tiny watercress sandwiches! I’m sad to see Samantha go, as I she is the doll I admired most.

      • Mars

        Oh man, that was me also. I was too poor for the actual dolls so I would just stare at the catalogs all day. I remember the watercress sandwiches and thinking that if I saved up, maybe I could just buy them. Alone. With no doll to eat them.

    • Maggie

      Do they just want the daughters of this generation and the next to be unaccomplished, unmotivated and without inspiration? Because that’s how I’m taking this. She had poise, smarts, ice cream! WHY.

    • Madame X

      I remember when there were only 3 dolls. Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. Now I think they are all discontinued! Unacceptable! (I had Samantha, Felicity, Addy, and Molly. I saved up my money from doing extra chores to earn them.)

    • Safari

      Addy was the best. All I wanted in the world was an Addy doll. And maybe some of Molly’s cool camping gear for her to play with.

      • Sara Haaf

        I had the addy doll. :)

    • Sami Jankins

      I was given a Molly doll first, but wasn’t too thrilled with her (I wasn’t provided an option). All I wanted was an Addy doll. She was hands down my favorite. I had all of her clothes, furniture, and you could even hand embroider a handkerchief. Her ears were pierced! I still have her around so my niece can play with her. She’s still the best doll.

      • Sara Haaf

        I had one and loved it, I had the brown dress with the snood. I can’t remember what accessories I had. I loved the magazines though, because each one had paper dolls with tons of different accessories, I kept all of them and would swap them around.

    • Aerilera

      Um, she was discontinued like two and a half years ago.

    • Jane

      The new AG books are about Saige, putting your non elegant dowager grandmother theory as true

    • hailyj

      When I was 16 my aunt kidnapped me. Not really….but she manipulated me into running away from home without telling my dad, and she told me to bring everything – including my collection of American Girl dolls. I brought all three of them, along with probably $3000 worth of American Girl doll accessories. My dad made me move back home, and when I tried bringing my dolls and accessories (which was pretty much worth 15-years-of-saved-up-birthday-money) my aunt wouldn’t let me take it back. She claimed that my cousin – her extremely sloppy 7 year old daughter – deserved my stuff more than me because she was a young girl and I was a fucked up depressed teenage high-school drop-out. I am now on several anxiety pills and antidepressants.

      • Lisa(r)

        That is so so sad! May you never be kidnapped again! You don’t deserve problems like this. :(

    • Amanda Chatel

      I was never given an American Girl Doll. My parents were all about non-gender specific toys (damn them!) I always wanted one and you better believe I’ll be getting one for my daughter when I have her, er, IF I have her.

      Either way, I’ve always dreamed of going to that store and indulging in the silliness with my nieces… but sister went and only had nephews (again damn them!) Although Jackson is definitely into girl baby dolls, so my dreams may come true after all. Even if Samantha isn no longer an option, I’ll hook him up despite that fact. Besides, I’ve never met a Samantha I liked anyway. UGH.

      (Sam, I kid! Maybe.)

    • Nat

      No. I had a Felicity. My sister has a Molly. I also had one of those “girls of today” dolls. But I had a mini Samantha. American Girl used to be inspiring. Now….no. My favorites were Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, and Addy. No more Samantha… no more happiness.

    • nataliezutter

      Samantha was the first American Girl whose adventures I read. I didn’t own a specific doll because it was so difficult to choose whose clothes/accessories/LIVES I wanted. However, I was always a fan of Samantha, Felicity, and totally Josefina.

    • Eileen

      I had Felicity. She was my favorite. None of this Victorian shit for me; if we’re going to do history we’re going to go as far back as possible. Also, red hair is beautiful and horses are awesome and at least her high school crushes were doomed to die in the Revolution, not World War I.

    • mm

      I literally just called my mom to make sure she never gave my Samantha doll away. I have every single outfit, as well as the extra random ones and all of her furniture and stuff. I might be missing a shoe or something from being a forgetful child but apparently pretty much everything is still there. YAY! I’m sad she’s being discontinued but I’m so glad I still have mine! =)

    • Kayla

      She did have the best hair. I had Samantha and Kirsten, and my sister had Molly and Josefina. My mom keeps them out of storage because every time young people come to her house, they want to play with them. Very good quality dolls.

    • ripmyprettydolly

      My mother still has my doll at our house. As soon as I’m home again for a visit, I am going to clutch her tightly while I roll her hair into the little pink curlers that I’d leave in over night to set her hair and make her look beautiful. I loved Samantha and my dad even built a mini doll wardrobe closet where I could hang all her little outfits. It was a huge treat to get a dress or a muff or a new hat for my doll on Christmas or my birthday. WHY American girl company. WHY?!?!?! ….at age 23, I should probably not have such a strong feeling about a doll. This article was hilarious but true. I think I will go get ice cream now.

    • Laura

      I had a Felicity doll; she was my sixth birthday present. My mother actually asked me if I would prefer Samantha because she thought Samantha looked like me. I told her I liked Samantha and I thought she had pretty clothes, but I really wanted Felicity. Felicity was into horses and had cool colonial gowns. About two years later, I did receive an American Girl look-alike doll and I ended up getting a lot of Samantha’s clothes to dress my doll in (I didn’t always like the clothes offered for the modern-day dolls). I even had Samantha’s bedroom furniture becuase I didn’t care for Felicity’s. I’ll miss Samantha for sure.