Is It Tacky To Share Pictures Of Your Engagement Ring On Facebook?

engagement ring

Of course, you’re happy about your engagement ring. And everyone else is happy for you! Really! You’re getting married! But do you need to post pictures of your engagement ring with no explanation on Facebook? Some people think probably not.

Over at The Cut, they explain:

In the past, engagement ring photos were the visual equivalent of a humble brag, snuck in sideways and with a blushing face: The radiant couple posed with the bride’s conspicuously sparkling left hand on the groom’s upper arm, or the bride-to-be excitedly holding up her hand next to her smiling face. But in the age of the context-free diamond, the ring flaunt is unabashed: a close-up of the hand and ring, perhaps with a caption like, “He asked … ” or “I said yes!”…

On the spectrum of Facebook sharing and oversharing, a context-free diamond is hardly the worst sin; personally, I reserve that title for the passive-aggressive status update. Still, the focus on the ring — not the couple, not even the bride — is approaching fetish-levels of fixation, and Facebook is only fueling the fire. This particular social media trend seems here to stay. As long as it does, I’ll be staying off Facebook on Sunday mornings.

That may be true! Though I frankly… kind of like seeing my friend’s engagement rings? Partly just because engagement rings are pretty, and partly because it actually seems like a more polite way to announce the engagement than by leaving some sort of all caps message saying I’M ENGAGED NOW OMG. It seems more tasteful than other, numerous, tacky ways you could squeal about your newly anged status. So, facebook engagement rings – they are fine! Post away!

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    • Ana

      They’re tacky. And most times, your hand looks gross. Sorry.

    • Sariah

      It’s fine. I like seeing the rings. And I like seeing the baby pictures too, so there.

    • LCT

      I like it if it is one or two pictures, right after engagement, as a way of announcing it. Anything more is obnoxious. It depends on the person, too—and how close I am to them.

    • CMJ

      For me, I only sent a pic (via text) to people who specifically asked and were super close friends or family. I don’t really care, but, depending on the person, I either roll my eyes or just move on.

    • Marissa

      This is not nearly as annoying as the 20+ status updates detailing every step of wedding planning. Plus, people are constantly asking you to post photos of your ring if you, like I, opted out. And ring photos are definitely less annoying than (and this perhaps ages me) the ridiculous number of dumb fb pregnancy announcements with the woman hurling over a toilet in the background while her s.o. gives a thumbs up while holding a sign that says “Due Date: July XX, 2013.” Tacky!

      • Sabrina

        Omg yes! The relentless status updates about every. single. process. of wedding planning are the worst thing on fb. The worst. I have unsubscribed from so many people’s status updates because of this. What’s also incredibly tacky? Posting statuses like “Omg, my invites to the bridal shower are sooo cute! Everyone who was invited, check your mailboxes!” I wasn’t invited, but thanks. Now, I’ll be imagining what your very cute bridal shower invitations look like anyways, though.

    • Devin

      I still think it’s tacky. Feel free to do what you like, don’t get me wrong, but I hope my co-worker’s sister isn’t upset that I’m not fawning over her ring on Facebook. I am currently planning my wedding, and yes, I did change my relationship to engaged, quietly with no status update. I follow the rule of not talking about my wedding plans with those who are not invited, unless asked. This is to avoid hurt feelings or awkward moments, and extends to the Facebook community. I’m not inviting all of my 432 “friends”, and so I’m not posting ring photos, engagement photos or an entire album titled, “my wedding”.

    • Eileen

      I like to see one picture of the ring, perhaps as an announcement – I don’t find it tacky unless the ring itself is tacky. Rings are pretty, although I’m more intrigued by the colored stones than by the boring diamond solitaires that all my friends are wearing these days. But I agree with everyone who said that enough is enough on wedding planning. Engagement announcement, maybe an excited comment when you buy your dress or if you book a really cool place for the ceremony, and then a handful of photographs from the actual event. (Kind of like for a pregnancy: “We’re/I’m expecting a baby,” “It’s a boy/girl,” “Here are a handful of pictures of my clean and clothed newborn,”)

    • Pulque

      Instinctively it looks tacky, but isn’t it quite common to ask to see the ring? Although that’s another thing I don’t really understand…maybe it’s just hard to come up with conversation topics after you’ve already made the requisite squealing noises.

    • Jen D.

      I don’t mind ring pictures, but I have noticed that everyone’s hand looks weird that close up. If you’re cool with your fingers looking smushy in close-up, then so am I.