Beyoncé And Jay-Z, Most Stylish Couple At Today’s Presidential Inauguration

beyonce:jay-zIt’s safe to assume that underneath her coat, Michelle Obama was dressed to the nines for her husband’s big day, but since the weather kept her bundled up, we probably won’t know until later. However, what we do know is that no one seemed to shine like the extremely stylish couple, Beyoncé And Jay-Z. The pair looked like royalty as they showed up on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol this morning to partake in the festivities, of which Beyoncé kicked off with her gorgeous rendition of the National Anthem.

While Jay-Z wore a perfectly tailored Tom Ford suit, his lovely lady was adorned in a black full-length lace Emilio Pucci gown and a black Christian Dior fur coat. This, of course, means that PETA is getting ready to throw some pig’s blood on Bey any day now, but we’ll worry about that when it happens.

Sadly, little Miss Blue Ivy was not in attendance, but since she was most likely born with mom and dad’s obvious style gene, she probably would have one-upped the Obama girls. So, it’s best she stayed home.

If you missed Beyoncé’s performance earlier today, watch it below. But prepared to get a wee bit emotional. Even I got goosebumps and that’s saying something.


Photo: Getty

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    • Cindy Bruckner Baldwin

      What’s really sad is that she knows what torture the animals go through so she can have fashion!!!!! I don’t get it!!! I guess she really has no heart. All you have to do is go to youtube and type fur farms, China fur farms and tell me if you will now wear fur. She knows and supports the torture of innocent animals and so does her husband and Christian Dior, shame on them. Have a heart and stop wearing real fur!!!