Retro Snap: Have You Seen Paula Deen’s Prom Picture?

Wow, I did not expect Paula Deen to look like this in her 1965 prom photo.

paula deen

Because I did not expect anyone to look like Elizabeth Taylor. She’s stunning!

The Daily Mail notes:

Dressed in a white dress jacket and black bow-tie, the identity of her dapper date is not known, but he is certainly likely to have been the envy of his friends, as the young Paula was quite the knockout.

Yes. Correct. We are in agreement, Daily Mail.

I mean, Paula Deen still is very nice looking, I just do not immediately associate her with a kind of beauty queen glamor. I more associate her with butter, battling diabetes, and having shockingly white hair. Is that not real? Is she dying her grey hair to make it appear white? Because she looks like she has very dark hair, naturally.

I somehow feel she would look like Liz Taylor if she died her hair. I don’t think this is a rational feeling.

Picture via Mr. Blue/Wenn Daily Mail

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    • mm

      I’m sorry, I’m sorry in advance, I just hate when people write died instead of dyed. It’s dyed for hair dye! She was hot, but I wouldn’t say as gorgeous as Liz Taylor…she’s close though! She was also tiny…that’s what eating plain butter and sugar on a spoon will do to you.

    • Krusticle
    • Cori

      My grandfather had jet black hair right up until it went white. He had a very brief period of varing degrees of salt & pepper, my mom said it took only 2 or 3 years before it was completely white. Genetics, never know what they’re gonna do.

      • Cori

        Pardon my sleepy grammer, it is very sleepy. 3 or 4 more posts should be all I can do to shame myself sufficantly for the night.