Video: ‘Birth Control On The Bottom’ Is Many Amazing Parodies In One

Would you and your racially diverse group of friends like to regulate your reproductive systems at the same time you consume healthy, low-fat, probiotic yogurt? Look no further than Birth Control On The Bottom, the yogurt that is also a pill.

In this amusing new video from Yahoo Canada (no, really!), a veritable rainbow of strong, beautiful women friends (including Retta from Parks and Recreation!) espouse the many, many benefits of taking your one-a-day the yogurt-y way. And of having one friend of every racial background. These are the things that women love the most.

My favorite lines:

“I talked to my brown friends over a light dinner of sugar-free pesto, but none of us were able to get down to our birthweight.”

“If your doctor is a woman, talk to her about everything!

…Talk to her about orchids and milk.”

And just in case that wasn’t good enough, there’s Weird Al at the end to add a dose of testosterone to the proceedings.

Between this and James Franco‘s beautiful beat poem, Yahoo!’s video output has been surprisingly delightful lately.

(Via Yahoo!)

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