How Do You Get An Abortion With A Gun?

"If only every divorce could end with a day on the links, amirite?"

“If only every abortion could end with a gun and every divorce with a day on the links, am I right?”

Yes, Rush Limbaugh said something really dumb and awful again. Here, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff discuss why it’s dumb, how it’s dumb and attempt to parse exactly what he meant recently when he said, “You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun” while discussing the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jennifer: Huntsman. I just want to say, go Huntsman.

Ashley: Do you want to say something relevant, though?

Jennifer: I am bringing this up because I want it to be clear that not everyone in the GOP is some sort of fringe lunatic.

Ashley: You have to pick your battles, buddy.

Jennifer: Because people who listen to Limbaugh surely get the impression that everyone who is a republican is also out of their mind.

Ashley: Well, considering that his is the “most-listened-to” show, I’d wager that distinction is lost on many of said listeners. Recall, last time Limbaugh royally fucked up and we discussed it, his fans came out of the woodwork to be all like, “You just don’t get his sense of his humor. He’s very dry.” Like Limbaugh is actually some heavyset Steven Wright who dislikes women and nonwhites.

Jennifer: I have difficulties with the idea of abortion, but I think it’s pretty clear that shooting a group of schoolchildren is different than eliminating a cluster of cells inside your own body. If we are going by that logic, you should also have to shoot sperm masturbated out, on the notion that you prevented it from making a child.

Ashley: Wait, what? We need to shoot sperm as masturbating men ejaculate? New plan?

Jennifer: That seems reasonable, I guess. Let’s go get a talk show.

Ashley: Seems easy enough.

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    • Nymph1816

      (Wed bed dead tomorrow!) I have a conservative friend who tries to defend the things this man says. I have generally learned to not bait her on these things. Does anyone actually listen to him? Is he less horrible between his bi-monthly awful sound bites?

      • Pickles

        I also have a few conservative friends–most of them do dismiss him as a kook/moron, but two of them (much like Ashley notes above) are convinced he just has a “dry” sense of humor and I don’t listen enough to understand.

        You’re right, friends. I’m probably the dumb one.