What His Gift To You Says About Your Relationship

gifts7 With Christmas behind us and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s as great a time as any to start overanalyzing the gifts given to you by Your Man. Think he gave you that fruit basket because he knows how important vitamin C is to a well-balanced diet? Think again! Everything is fraught with potentially life-altering meaning, and the simplest explanation is almost never the right one. Click through for help decoding what his gift to you says about your relationship. Photos: Wikipedia except where noted

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    • Cee

      My girlfriend wanted to gift me a costco card this weekend…I was pretty excited about this. Yes, I am lame and fat

    • Lastango

      Hilarious! And true!

      One photo shows the book “Paris 1919″, and I gave once someone a copy. I wonder if she thought my secret message was to force her to read it with my implied “Don’t make me think I’ve underestimated your intellect!”

      She didn’t read it. Maybe her secret message to me was, “GFY — get your hands off my intellect!”

      Of course, I never brought it up that I noticed it hadn’t been opened. She probably figured I must be thinking, “Silence will rub her nose in it even more than mentiioning it would. Not clearing the air will make her feel guilty forever!”

      I naturally thought that would mean she was scheming to get back at me. So I began plotting to give a preemptive gift to head off her attack. I could double down with “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”, which would really pin her ears back. But I decided it was better to split her forces by assaulting from another direction by giving her a gift certificate for rock climbing lessons. She would be thinking I was shouting, “It’s time you finally got out of your shell.”
      IMO, that disoriented her long enough for me to re-gift the silkscreen picture of elephants she gave me. There’s no way I was going to accept her insinuation I’m not committed and commnual enough!

    • Eileen

      I got a mixtape CD. It was extra-special because it had a personally designed flag with elements from the flags of all my nationalities (including one that no longer has a country…but has a flag!). Yeah, we might still be in high school.

      I also got jewelry from a really cool craft store that we visited together. I kind of picked it out, though (I didn’t know he was going to buy it).

      • jamiepeck

        Full disclosure: my boyfriend and I traded mixes for Christmas this year. It was awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/julianathelady Shae Rosa

      Hm. I don’t see boxing gloves and wrist tape on this list. I am disappointed. In other news, what does it say about me that I gave him a silver toast rack?