Michael J. Fox Apologized To Taylor Swift, But She Would Appreciate It If Everybody Stopped Making Fun Of Her


As Amanda reported a few days agoMichael J. Fox was rather displeased at the prospect of Taylor Swift dating his son and even threw a bit of shade at her, saying, “Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career.” Ouch, amirite? The comments about the Taylor Swift boyfriends tribe have been growing as of late, but I think that is to be expected — after all, how many people can say there are prayer candles devoted to their exes? Famous people are rarely, if ever, merely famous for their careers; because of our fascination with them, their lives are broadcast to us via the Internet, television and tabloids. But even though it seems rational that she’s being picked on for having a rather active dating life, is it time to simply leave Taylor Swift alone about it?

Fox apparently apologized to Swift. On Twitter, she said, “Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back.” It sort of bums me out to imagine thousands of Taylor Swift fans getting pissed at MJF, though as with any comment made publicly about other people, his words are subject to criticism. But the experience is still weighing on her, According to RadarOnline.

Radar reports that Swift is becoming increasingly stressed out over the amount of public jokes and comments about her dating life. “An inside source” said:

“At first Taylor just thought it was funny how much interest people had in her love life and she went along with it. But now she’s the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows. She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin.

“The jokes being made about her love life embarrass her, but it’s finally hit home with Taylor. She really wants to make an effort to slow down and not jump from boyfriend to boyfriend. In a weird way all the negative press has really opened her eyes and will be good for her!

“Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a wh*re because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out. What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.

On the one hand, when a person is famous, she must accept certain fixed truths: because of her fame, her choices will be scrutinized, and her dating decisions will be the ones focused on more than any other. This happens to just about every celebrity, but particularly the young and pretty ones.

On the other end of the argument, she’s sort of just doing what lots of other 23-year-olds do: dating a lot of different people. Hell knows that if I were a celebrity between 2009 to 2011, there would be a lot of alliterative nicknames for me that could be sweetly translated to mean “harlot.” Most celebrities have been linked to more than one another celebrity, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that; is it that big of a deal to be famous and banging other famous people?

Then again, if you’re going to publicize your own relationships via music and not bother remotely hiding it, thereby benefitting from making fun of the people you used to date, you’re kind of giving the whole world a free pass to take swings at you right back. So, which is it: should we all leave T. Swift alone or should her lovelife be fair game for hyucks?

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    • JennyWren

      The thing is, there have been a fair few male artists who have recorded a few “revenge songs” about their exes or who have written thinly-veiled references to their relationships into their work (two dramatically different examples that spring to mind are Justin Timberlake and Nick Cave). I mean, it’s probably not so great for her dating life that this is so clearly her creative drive, but can you imagine a guy getting criticized for doing the same thing? I personally don’t see it happening.

      • nic

        Actually John Mayer has gotten criticized for doing this exact same thing. And the artists you mentioned above used their lives as inspiration for maybe one or two of their songs, not ALL of their songs. She also has gone on talk shows and bashed her exes openly. This is not cool. It’s immature and tacky.

      • gandhithesmurf

        Exactly. I mean we can bet many musicians & song writers wrote about personal experiences & fail relationships too. The only different is that they don’t proudly PUBLICIZED this exes or that exes in every effing songs & (purposely) made their love story as marketing strategy. Taylor Swift is a gossip princess. That’s how she gained fame & able to sell records. Funny it takes her this long to finally realized that she’s become the town joke.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I think it kinda depends on how you go about it. I’m not a fan of thinly-veiled references in songs, personally, but I think “You’re So Vain” is one of the best songs ever — perfect revenge song without revealing somebody’s identity so obviously. I remember Timberlake getting a lot of criticism for writing about Britney Spears, though definitely not as much as I think she would’ve had she done so; I do think you’re right that men tend to get a lot more leeway in the musical freedom department with regard to relationships.

      • Cori

        Eh, he wrote one song about her. And that could have not been, it definitely got more buzz with the Britney look-a-like. If the girl in the video was a brunette, most people wouldn’t have assumed it wasn’t just another break-up tune. Then he dated other girls and didn’t only write songs about them. One song deserves less flack then an album full of them.

        All she has to do is write a few songs that are not about her exes, maybe skip writing about a dude or two. Then she’ll be writing break-up songs, not songs about her break-ups. She needs to be less obvious about it. They can’t have all been complete losers, only write about the bad guys then if she’s so driven to tell.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        she has written other songs, you know. one for her mom, one for her band, one about growing up, one about making it when no one thinks you can, one about a bully…. etc.

      • Eileen

        I do remember when “Cry Me a River” came out, Justin Timberlake got bashed for it (especially since the actress in the music video looked a lot like Britney Spears, though he never, say, pointed at her in the audience while singing it). But…he writes other songs, about other things and other people, so people moved on. He’s also dated women long enough to have made up after a fight, but I digress.

        A big problem of mine with her songs is that they sound like a 15-year-olds diary. They’re not lyrically interesting, they’re all about her famous ex-boyfriends, and they’re pretty immature for someone who isn’t a teenager anymore.

    • nic

      It’s not so bad that she dates around quite a bit, it’s that she then writes songs bashing each of these guys after the relationship flames out. It’s incredibly tacky.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        most of those guys deserved it.

    • http://twitter.com/SamiDan19 Sami Jankins

      Can we remember for a moment that she is a musician? The reason that we think of her the most when it comes to “writing about relationships” is that she actually WRITES THE LYRICS TO HER OWN SONGS. Think about this… she broke into the business writing her own stuff. That’s extraordinary. Why other musicians aren’t brought up in the like is because many have people writing their songs for them. The people writing everyone else’s songs are writing about their own relationships, it’s just that usually song writers aren’t famous. They’re behind-the-scenes people. If you don’t like her music, don’t listen. What else is she supposed to write about though? Creative people draw from their lives. Her life just happens to be very public.

      • CMJ

        She writes most of her own songs. She uses co-writers regularly.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        thank you! i was so sick of all these haters! :)

    • Cee

      The thing is that her music is whiny and vengeful ALL THE TIME. I mean, I get it, most musicians write about heart break and break ups, however, most of the time it is deep, sad..and vague-ish! Her music sounds like “pout-stomp pout-stomp im a nerdy loser, just not really more like Rachel Leigh Cook, I took off my glasses and Im actually pretty and you dumped me and I don’t know why cuz we were supposed to get married at 15 now you’re a meanie pout-stomp pout-stomp.” At first I was very much “Right on Taylor, you tell Joe..and Taylor Lautner and so on” but then it got kinda tiring and I felt like I was hanging around the middle school section too long…and so is Taylor.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Thank you for this: “pout-stomp pout-stomp im a nerdy loser, just not really more like Rachel Leigh Cook, I took off my glasses and Im actually pretty and you dumped me and I don’t know why cuz we were supposed to get married at 15 now you’re a meanie pout-stomp pout-stomp.”

      • Alyssa Hayes

        first of all, taylor NEVER dissed taylor lautner! she APOLOGIZED to him in “back to december” and taylor swift doesn’t rant in all her songs. she wrote a song for he MOM you bitch! can you say the same? and, almost all of those guys DESERVED it! like john mayer. stupid haters.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        also, you’re a loser.

    • Sariah

      Swinging away right here.

    • Lala

      If you can’t take a public criticism of your very personal music maybe don’t make your very personal music public? It isn’t rocket science. By pouting about it she’s coming off like a spoiled brat who can’t handle criticism. If she laughed it off and had a good sense of humor no one would care.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        oh yes, because you’re a perfect human being who would never get upset about someone publicly bashing you. my mistake.

    • Paige

      the thing is though the world already does think she is a whore. Even if she “slows down” on the dating she is still known as a whore and she just better get over it

    • elizabeth

      I think people should leave her alone. Plenty of girls her age (I’m only a couple years older) date lots of guys- big deal! Sure, she has some songs “dissing” the exes, she also has a song taking the blame herself, songs celebrating love, a song about a friend dealing with an eating disorder, and songs about growing up. But no one focuses on those. Let the poor girl write and sing about her experiences, it’s not like she’s slashing their tires or anything.

      • Alyssa Hayes

        right on! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/tru.reyboold Tru Reyboold

      Oooh! Oooh! Me next! Hahaha……

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002416419644 Kevin Dylan

      Who’s Taylor Swift?