Did Uma Thurman Get Plastic Surgery?

I know some time has passed since Kill Bill, which is what Uma Thurman looks like in my head, forever, but I think Uma Thurman looks… different. Different in a plastic surgery sort of way? Here. Here is the picture of her from the recent Giorgio Armani show at Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week- Giorgio Armani

I’m not the only one who feels like this is a new look. Over at the Cut, they speculate on reasons she looks different, and, after noting that it could be that her hair is straighter than usual (it is!) or that she is wearing a very heavy pair of false eyelashes that is weighing down her lids, they note:

3. Could it be? Would she? Maybe …
She got a new face. No judgment here, but we leave this final call to you.

Honestly, my first thought was “this is a lot like what Madonna looked like when she got her new face.” Sometimes it seems like everyone who gets a certain kind of plastic surgery (botox, lip plumpers) always looks a bit like Madonna.

Which would be fine! She does not look bad! Plastic surgery is everyone’s choice to make, if, indeed, Uma Thurman did get plastic surgery. There are certainly other reasons for looking unusual in photographs, such as photographs being taken from an unusual angle! But… well, actually, it would make me a little bit sad if Uma Thurman got plastic surgery, just because I associate her characters with being the kind of people who would not give a damn if they had wrinkles or not. But then, none of her characters are “movies stars” so that is different, there.

Picture via Wenn.com, Kill Bill

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    • Krusticle

      Don’t despair! I think she’s just gotten some filler in her cheeks and lips, which is not usually permanent. Her face may settle down to her normal look in a few weeks.

      • lucygoosey74

        I agree, she dosen’t really look altered, just kind of freakishly smooth. Hopefully it does settle down, I love Kill Bill wayyy more than I should and Uma is my biggest girl crush of all time!

    • MR

      Yeah, she looks different and not as sexy.

    • greenkitty82

      I was thinking exactly the same thing – at the Django unchained premiere she looks different to me – her face looks more rounder like she’s had cheek fillers but very smooth which I don’t get because she was fine the way she was. I don’t feel it has improved her appearance as she had a nice chiselled look in her 30s. She is absolutely gorgeous in Kill Bill. It could be the makeup though – all that crap on your skin can’t be good for you overtime.

    • AugustDuck

      My wife and I noticed that she looked different, especially in and around her right eye, in the movie “Playing For Keeps”.

    • M. V.

      I just saw her on the G.Globes, and she looks as though she’s retaining water, which makes me think she’s had cheek fillers, and some botox…, And the distance from her eye-line to mouth seem shorter, or wider. She’s definitely had work, but i think she was aging beautifully prior to that