Fashion Disasters: Jennifer Lopez’s Boxy Full-Leopard Set



Yesterday, Ms. Jennifer Lopez herself ventured through the streets New York City (she’s from the block, remember?) wearing what is quite possibly my least favorite leopard outfit ever. She sported this fashion disaster while in the city to promote her upcoming film, Parker, but I am hoping she recorded zero appearances with this particular gem on.

I literally cannot find something I like about this outfit (except her hair, I guess; it looks very nicely blown-out). She’s got a black turtleneck underneath an ill-fitting printed jacket like a Beatnik Cheetah Girl. The outerwear in and of itself is heinous, but paired with a stiff, matching skirt and voila! You have got yourself the perfect patterned storm. But that’s not all!

She also paired the outfit with a pair of thigh-high ruched Louboutins, which look painful and sweaty at the same time. I think one of the more absurd things about this outfit is that she opted for it on a particularly cold day — around 19 degrees, for those of you who were not freezing your toes and fingers off in New York. The idea of saying, “Well, I won’t be wearing pants so I guess I’ll just opt for heels halfway up to my business for warmth” is pretty ridiculous to me, but I s’pose I’m no New Yorker. Considering her outfit to the Golden Globes, I’m beginning to get the feeling that 2013 is not going to be a great fashion year for J. Lo.


Photos: Pacific Coast News

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    • Nat

      I’ve always really wanted a pair of boots like those, though. I have no idea where or how I would wear them, but damn are they hot.