Lady Gaga Wore A Literal ‘Ball Gown’ To The Inaugural Ball


Last night at the president’s staff-only inaugural ball, Lady Gaga took the word “ball” and ran with it by wearing a dress outfitted with white globes of varying sizes.

All those balls had a pretty great vehicle in the form of a gloriously weird lace-up gown complete with hot pants and miles of sheer tulle skirts. The balls clustered around her hips and shoulders to create a rather “alien princess meets space hooker from the future” sort of vibe.

Unsatisfied that she’d sufficiently upstaged Michelle Obama‘s arms, Lady Gaga proceeded to lead her balls in a duet with Tony Bennett before getting down on all fours and pretending to get an abortion from a miniature Tony Bennett lookalike. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful!” she screamed as she masturbated a Terry Richardson lookalike with her feet.

While I would very much like to make a joke about testicles here, these balls look like they were intended to be of the “eye” variety, as some of them had little pupil-like things on them. In fact, I’m fairly sure she’ll come out with a statement to the effect of, “I’ve got eyes on the backs of my shoulders, and if you bully a gay kid, I will know.” Just admit you wanted to wear an eyeball gown, Lady Gaga. You are Lady Gaga. You’re allowed.

Oh, fuck it. I am posting this song anyway.

(Via The Cut)

Photo: dianateresa

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    • LouLou

      ……… okay, I love Mother Monster, but.. who invited Lady Gaga? Seriously. She’s an absolutely amazing singer, but the outfit is just too much for an event so historic and important in its own right. The dress is tacky and distasteful for the inauguration. I’m all for being off the wall and marching to the beat of your own drum, but with an event so rooted with history, this just looks embarrassing

      • lucygoosey74

        My feelings exactly. If you haven’t already, see the movie “Idiocracy” and weep for the future.

    • Winston Blake
    • Raerae

      It’s so sick how President Obama has all of these celebrities in his pocket. You’re the PRESIDENT not a CELEBRITY.